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Not long after, Xu Xiyan’s health inspection report was ready and everything looked normal. The doctor scheduled her operation for the next day at 8 am.

Early in the morning on the next day, Xu Xiyan was ready to go to the hospital. Huo Yunshen and her daughter accompanied her to the Peijing Children’s Hospital.

Before entering the operating room, Xu Xiyan hugged her husband and daughter.

When Huo Yunshen released her, he said softly, “I’ll wait for you outside!”

“Don’t worry, I will come out soon.”

Ying Bao stroked Xu Xiyan on her cheeks dearly as she encouraged her, “Be brave, Mommy! The injection only hurts a little.”

“Okay, got it! Mommy will keep it in mind!”

Xu Xiyan rubbed foreheads with her daughter lovingly, then turned and walked into the operating room.

The glass doors of the operating room closed, and they were separated into two worlds. Huo Yunshen would be lying if he said he was not worried.

Normally, he would become very distressed even when she had a slight scrape of her skin, let alone a bone marrow extraction from her spine now?

That must be very painful!

Through the corridor, Xu Xiyan went to the innermost operating room according to the instructions of the nurse. After entering the operating room, she did not see Mike. Only a few doctors and nurses were inside waiting.

Upon their request, she lay down on the operating bed. At this time, several nurses came forward and tied her wrists and limbs to the operating bed with a belt without explaining anything.

Xu Xiyan lifted her head and asked, “Why are you tying me up? Aren’t you all going to extract my bone marrow?”

She wanted to know the reason for binding her limbs to the bed. If she was going to have a bone marrow extraction operation, she was supposed to lay curled up on the bed on her side. Now, why had they suddenly tied down her limbs?

One of the nurses with a flu-mask on her face said coldly, “Miss Jing Xi, to tell you the truth, we’re not going to do a bone marrow transplant surgery, but a craniotomy. Please cooperate with us.”


They were going to open her head and yet they asked her to cooperate?

“What? A craniotomy? Are you all joking?”

Xu Xiyan thought she may have entered the wrong operating room. Otherwise, why would they want to cut open her skull?

“We’re not joking. You will know very soon. When the surgery is successful, you will forget everything in the past and have a new memory.”

“Hey! Let me go… Ugh…”

It was too late to say anything. The nurse had sealed her mouth with tape.

Xu Xiyan wanted to cry for help but she could not make a sound. She wanted to struggle but her hands and feet were bound tightly to the bed.

Who are these people?

What were they going to do to her?

What should she do now?

Although Xu Xiyan did not know the intentions of these people, she already knew that she was in a very dangerous situation.

She could only helples

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