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After considering Lin Huaijin’s suggestions, Huang Guoqiang unexpectedly agreed with it. “Sure, why not? Let’s ask Mr. Huo, a senior and professional actor, to demonstrate it for us. How about it?”

Everyone clamored with their agreement. Many wanted to see the handsome movie king stand in a film set again and see how he would perform it.

“Alright then, but please don’t laugh at my performance.”

Huo Yunshen did not refuse. He immediately stood up and walked onto the set.

After he took the script and read it briefly, they began the shoot.

At this moment, Xu Xiyan appeared to be a little excited. She kept stealing glances at Huo Yunshen and she was constantly smiling.

She seemed to figure out what was going on. The power outage just now, the mysterious gust, and the sudden arrival of this important person—they smelled like a certain someone’s deeds!

She really had to hand it to him!

Isn’t this just a kissing scene?

Don’t tell her that he would come and stir up trouble whenever she had to act in a kissing or bed scene?

The demonstration started. This was a very simple scene. As long he got the expression in his eyes right and the movements of his landing were graceful enough, he could accomplish this take in one pass.

Huo Yunshen and Xu Xiyan both hung on the wireworks, slowly rotating in the air amidst the flower petals as they were lowered down.

They gazed into each other’s eyes deeply.

When the veil was taken off, Huo Yunshen lowered his head and kissed Xu Xiyan.

The kiss was light and gentle in the beginning, but gradually became deeper and more passionate. Everyone was blushing at the sight of this kissing scene.

Lin Huaijin was dumbfounded and he couldn’t help but wonder. The script clearly said to “kiss her lightly.” Don’t tell him he had to give Jing Xi a French kiss too later?

The kissing scene was too difficult. What if he could not deliver the same performance?

Huang Guoqiang took a glimpse at his watch. They were kissing for way too long. However, it made him realize one thing; it seemed that he couldn’t simply let Jing Xi perform in a kissing scene anymore.

This God of Acting was not giving a demonstration at all; he was obviously spreading dog food and they were all going to be stuffed to death with it.

When the kiss was over, Huo Yunshen released Xu Xiyan, then looked over at Lin Huaijin and said to him flatly, “Have you got it?”

“Err, yeah…” Lin Huaijin forced a smile and braced himself as he returned to his position on the set.

The fifth take began. Lin Huaijin held Jing Xi as the pair landed to the ground. After gazing deeply at each other, he suddenly changed his mind and decided not to remove her veil. Instead, he planted a light kiss on her lips while the veil was still covering her face, then took off the veil and spoke his lines.

Surprisingly, Huang Guoqiang thought that was a really good idea too and he didn’t have to worry about offendin

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