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Chapter 792: A Feeling He Could Not Explain

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He could not describe how envious and jealous he was. How great would it be if he could have Miss Yim?

At this time, his assistant Reid whispered in his ear, “Sir, why don’t we strike tonight?”

What Reid meant was, since there were members of the Dark Zone on the cruise ship, they should take advantage of tonight’s reception and seize the opportunity to take Huo Yunshen down in one fell swoop. Wouldn’t he finally have his revenge then?

Reid’s suggestion was good, but Mo Yutian hadn’t tasted enough of the competition with his opponent.

His desire to dominate was very great. If he wanted to dominate someone, his opponent must completely submit to him before he would become satisfied.

What’s more, while he was seeking revenge from him, he had developed a kind of feeling for his enemy that he could not explain.

He would be satisfied after killing him, but he was also feeling a bit reluctant.

Was it sympathy for a fellow man with power, or was it something else? Mo Yutian wasn’t sure himself.

Therefore, he had decided to let go of this good opportunity. Mo Yutian answered, “Without my orders, no one is allowed to act rashly.”

Reid had to obey his command, but he was thinking inside. Since when had their ruthless Master of the Dark Zone learned mercy?

Is it true what the rumors say? That President Mo was not pursuing Jing Xi and he was pursuing the beautiful Huo Yunshen instead?

Ugh… Reid dared not imagine that.

It was just that, undoubtedly, his master was releasing a tiger back to its mountain by his sudden act of benevolence. If he wanted another opportunity like this in the future, he feared that it would not come easy.

At the end of the reception, a helicopter landed on the cruise ship. Huo Yunshen and Jing Xi boarded the helicopter and left the reception.

The helicopter took off to the skies. Xu Xiyan snuggled into Huo Yunshen’s arms. “I was so worried tonight, Dear.”

Huo Yunshen held her, caressing her arm as he said, “I told you before. There’s no need to be worried as long I’m around.”

“I didn’t expect that you’d be so good with darts. You’re really mysterious. Were you deliberately losing to Mo Yutian early in the game?” Xu Xiyan’s admiration for Huo Yunshen increased.

“So you noticed.”

Although Huo Yunshen did not play darts, very few people could top his shooting skills. Whether he used weapons like guns and throwing blades or even a playing card, they would become precise killing tools as long they were in his hands.

The man’s breath was warm and smelled of the sweet scent of wine as it was exhaled towards her. Xu Xiyan asked, “You’ve drunk so much wine. Do you feel unwell now?”

“A bit. It would be nice if someone could help me with my hangover.”

“I’ll make you soup for your hangover when we get home later.”

“I want it now.”

Xu Xiyan didn’t know whe

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