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Ying Bao saw that the little kid was hugging his mother and ran towards her own mother, into her arms.

After hugging her mother, she ran over to hug her father.

With the kids showing up in the living room, the atmosphere brightened up.

Huo Yunshen’s killing intent subsided, and his father side began to show as he hugged his daughter.

“Daddy, can we go fly a kite sometime?” Ying Bao asked. “I told brother Mike that my daddy is the best at flying kites.”

“All right,” Huo Yunshen laughed. “Let’s go.”

Huo Yunshen stood up and took the kids outside, leaving the two women to sort out their problems.

“Even though Mike can’t have my marrow, Yunshen has found a better donor for him,” Xu XIyan told Tang Shixue.

“Who’s that?”

“Mike’s biological father.”


Tang Shixue thought about the not-so-familiar face. She knew well about the type of person he was and the thing he did to Huo Yunshen. The things Huo Jingtang did were unforgivable.

“I won’t accept him as Mike’s father, and I won’t thank him for his marrow,” Tang Shixue finally said after remaining quiet for a few minutes. “This is his retribution. Not now, nor in the future, will I tell Mike about his father. It’s something I want him never to learn about.”

In Tang Shixue’s mind, Huo Jingtang was the dirty part of her life, an unwashable humiliation.

If she could go back to the past, she would never do the things she did five years ago.

In Xu Xiyan’s view, Huo Jingtang donating his marrow was the only good deed that he’d ever do in this world.

She hoped that Mike could get better soon and that they could find out who was behind the incident.

The pre-recording press conference for “The Beauty of the World” was held a few days after the incident.

The movie was a spin-off of “Red-Sleeved Beauty,” telling the stories about two sisters fighting for seats as concubines.

The elder sister, Yun Qingchen, loved the emperor and wanted to help the people, while the younger sister, Yun Qingge, hated the emperor and wanted to rule the kingdom. It was a story about two sisters with different hearts and motivations.

The female protagonist, Yun Qingchen, was played by Xu Xinrou while Xu Xiyan played the female antagonist Yun Qingge.

The two women stood on the same stage again after LK’s commercial video and it became a hot topic among the reporters.

Most of them surrounded Jing Xi with many questions to ask.

“Jing Xi, is it true about the relationship between you and Huo Yunshen?”

“Jing Xi, are you really married to him? Is the daughter Huo Yunshen’s?”

“Did Huo Yunshen abandon Tang Shixue for you or was Tang Shixue the third party?”

“Can you tell us how you met Huo Yunshen?”

Most of the questions were gossip about her and Huo Yunshen.

It was normal, as Jing Xi was a small actress filled with scandals before she suddenly became the wife of Huo Yunshen, and it surprised everyone.

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