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Everything was set up. Yi Xiao said, “This is the young master’s arrangement. He hopes that you’ll have a good mood at the studio.”

Wandou’s eyes were wide with envy after seeing all the things brought for Jing Xi. Her own boss was really intimate. If his wife was not well treated at the studio, then he would improve it for her. He was really awesome!

The women around them were bursting with envy.

“Wow, Mr. Huo is too intimate!”

“Mr. Huo is really spoiling his wife to the fullest. I’m really impressed with what he has done!”

“I really envy Jing Xi for finding such a good husband!”

Xu Xinrou, who was feeling smug just now, could not laugh anymore. Everyone thought that she had the best treatment in the film crew because she was the first lead female actor.

But now, when compared with Jing Xi…Jing Xi was literally being treated like a princess.

Xu Xinrou was very hateful of Xu Xiyan now. Why could she be treated so meticulously and tenderly by a man?

And as for her, had she been a plaything for men that they could heartlessly abandon anytime?

The more Xu Xiyan showed off here, the more envious and jealous and hateful Xu Xinrou felt. However, there was still one more thing that made her feel even more so.

Yi Xiao gave another order to his men and they gave everyone at the studio a delicious ice cream mousse cake each.

The mousse cake was not just any cake, but a specially customized cake ordered from the most high-end cake shop in Peijing.

Everyone’s cake had the same design except for Xu Xiyan’s. Hers was a pink heart-shaped cake and the decorations on it were particularly beautiful; its design was especially girlish.

“Yours was personally made by the young master,” Yi Xiao whispered to her. Before Xu Xiyan could react, he turned and said to the others, “Please enjoy these cakes. They were bought by Mr. Huo for everyone to enjoy!”

After Yi Xiao finished his words, everyone thanked Huo Yunshen. Everyone felt that it wasn’t cake they were eating; they were eating dog food instead. [1]

They all thanked him, but there was also someone who did not appreciate his gesture. Xu Xinrou narrowed her eyes at the mousse cake, sneering inwardly: Isn’t this just a rotten piece of cake?

What’s so great about it?

Does she think she can win everyone’s hearts with just a piece of cake?

How ridiculous.

Xu Xinrou threw her mousse cake into a trash bin nearby. She didn’t want to eat Huo Yunshen’s dog food!

Then, someone screamed, “Look! See what I’ve eaten?”

A girl who was one of the extras was holding up a shiny gold coin. Everyone looked towards it. They couldn’t believe that the gold coin was from the cake.

Yi Xiao promptly explained, “Please be careful when eating the cake. Every piece of cake has a lucky gold coin and it is made of pure gold. If you get one with the lucky number 7, you will get a jewelry gift from The Blue Gemstone courtesy of Mr. Huo.”

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