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Though they did not manage to catch Su Rui, they caught her daughter instead.

A few drunkards suddenly became lustful after seeing the two beautiful women they had just captured.

Their mouths were full of vulgarities as they discussed among themselves. They decided to “play” with the women first.

In the cell, Xu Xinrou saw the group of men coming towards them. She asked, “Do you think they would let me go if I promised to pay the debt?”

“How would I know?”

Wen Li was angry and could not be bothered with Xu Xinrou anymore.

She had decided. After getting out of here, she would make a clean break from Xu Xinrou. No matter how much Xu Xinrou would beg her in the future, she would never help her again.

Xu Xinrou was being optimistic. As long as they released her, she would go to Mo Yutian for help.

But it was a pity that Xu Xinrou’s plan was destined to fall through. Those men were not even coming to release her.

The iron door of the cell opened and several drunkards barged in. Without any explanation, they began to work separately, dragging Xu Xinrou and Wen Li into two different rooms.

Xu Xinrou and Wen Li were both scared out of their wits. They knew that the men were going to do something perverted to them. It was unfortunate that they were completely unable to resist them.

At first, Xu Xinrou was quite enjoying it. The experience was fresh and so exciting that she even climaxed.

However, when more and more men took turns to bed her, she could not take it anymore. Were they planning to bang her to death?

She wept, begged, screamed, and howled… Her cries were so loud that it could pierce the heavens.

About forty or fifty men switched between the two rooms to toy with the women. By the time they were all done, the two women were completely ruined by their abuse and they were half dead.

They were dumped back at the hotel entrance at 3 in the morning.

When the hotel bellboy saw them, the two were in rags, looking extremely wretched.

Both women were marked with the seal of the Dark Zone—a black mandala.

The bellboy knew that it was the Dark Zone’s doing and he did not dare to report to the police. He only called for the other hotel staff to help send the two women back to the hotel room.

Here in Fstan, members of the Dark Zone terrorizing the people was nothing new. As long as the common people saw the black mandala, they would hide as far away as they possibly could.

Even in the whole world, the unruly behaviors of the members of the Dark Zone were established as customary by the higher-ups of the Dark Zone.

The Dark Zone itself was an unlawful organization. It was a gathering of dark forces and it was a representative of evil.

As the ruler of the Dark Zone, Mo Yutian had never requested his members to change their ways, but rather hoped that the more chaotic the world became, the better it would be.

Only when the world was in chaos would there always be dema

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