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Huo Yunshen wore a dark, high-end custom-made suit that brought out his tall and straight body. He looked just like a prince from a fairy tale world.

He was completely irresistible when he held up the crystal shoes and looked at her with deep affection!

Before the eyes of the public, the man went down on one knee and knelt in front of Xu Xiyan. He removed the spoiled shoes off her feet and then put the beautiful crystal shoes on her.

The size of the shoes was just right and they were very fitting. It complemented the white dress she was wearing tonight well.

As this scene was recorded by the reporters, almost everyone there was forcibly stuffed with a wave of dog food.

Mr. Huo spoke with his actions. What does spoiling a wife to the extreme look like? This.

On the other hand, Mo Yutian, who was suddenly pushed away from the spotlight by Huo Yunshen’s intervention, had become an outsider.

Because of Huo Yunshen’s crystal shoes, the shoes in his hands had become very average looking ones.

Originally, he was supposed to be the star of the show. But now, he had ended up helping Huo Yunshen for free.

Mo Yutian could not simply accept this!

He had originally invited Huo Yunshen to attend the reception so he could clarify the rumors about his sexuality. He had not let him come here to show off his affection towards his wife and sprinkle dog food all around, okay?

There was another person at the scene who was also feeling unreconciled, and that was Xu Xinrou.

She ground her teeth hard hatefully, despising Xu Xiyan with all her heart.

She had tried her best to make Xu Xiyan slip up and make a fool of herself in public. Why was it that every time she didn’t manage to punish her, she would become even more popular?

She looked at the crystal shoes on Xu Xiyan’s feet. They were so flashy that they could blind anyone looking long enough at them. Was it really necessary to cover the shoes with diamonds all over?

Is she deliberately trying to show off? Is she really that uncultured?

She then looked at the shoes on her own feet. Originally, she had been quite excited that she had scored a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes; they weren’t bad either.

But now, she really felt like flinging her shoes into the sea. Despite the two women wearing the same brand of shoes, the ones she had felt like counterfeit shoes bought from a street peddler while the shoes Xu Xiyan had were the true and authentic ones.

Just when Xu Xinrou was feeling extremely awkward, her sugar daddy Mei Xiangdao came, the upstart who had become rich with his coal mining business.

He had cooperated with the Tianyu Group and was one of their major clients.

He had heard that Xu Xinrou was attending the event on the cruise ship tonight so he had specially come to support her.

When he came, he ordered his staff to present her with a stage full of fresh flowers. When everyone was looking at the flowers surrounding the st

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