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Yang Qiong had a backer too; that was why she could afford to have a complete plastic surgery make-over and start a new life.

After listening to Yang Qiong’s words, Xu Xinrou felt that her method was feasible. “What you said makes sense, but in my current situation, where am I going to find someone to back me in a short time?”

Yang Qiong’s eyes arched slightly. She leaned in to whisper in her ear, “If you trust me, I can introduce some to you.”

Xu Xinrou was tempted. Right now, she had a desperate lack of support. She hoped to have a dozen of them to back her so that she could walk proud and tall again.

After the two reached an agreement privately, Yang Qiong became her middleman and introduced some men with powerful connections to Xu Xinrou for a dinner date.

In a short time, Xu Xinrou got to know a few sugar daddies one after another. Among them, there were three of them who stood out: a rich businessman, a director, and a senior government official.

The rich businessman who made a fortune from coal mining, Mei Xiangdao, sponsored her in exchange for her being his mistress, giving her unlimited wealth to spend lavishly.

Hua Zhenghong, who had become famous for his porn directing, was also a well-known director. Right now, he had moved on to literary works. After Xu Xinrou hooked up with him, he arranged a good film for her to play in.

Lastly, the senior government official, Ma Shangfeng, was a very powerful person. He had great authority in the entire Peijing regime.

Xu Xinrou took advantage of him to specially deal with Huo Yunshen. Huo Yunshen was only a businessman. How could a businessman like him go against someone with great power in the government?

The senior government official had repeatedly abused his powers, stopping several large project investments of the Huo Group, resulting in countless losses for them.

Looking at Huo Yunshen suffering such misfortunes, Xu Xinrou was secretly gloating inside.

The Xu Xinrou today was a different person. She could now also thrive without relying on Mo Yutian.

At the film studio, she had risen several levels in status. She was just like a big-shot actor with several assistants entertaining her.

Whenever she was not shooting “The Beauty of the World,” she would participate in her sugar daddy’s film “Fireworks.” Her goal was to become an award-winning movie queen by the end of the year and stomp that bitch Jing Xi under her feet.

At the studios, Xu Xiyan and Xu Xinrou would stay away from each other. But when they were filming a scene together, they often clashed with each other.

Xu Xiyan was becoming more and more fond of life in the current production. She especially liked shooting scenes with the first female lead. There was really nothing bad about being in the same production as Xu Xinrou and it was nice to have a free punching bag too.

While the shoot for “The Beauty of the World” was going on, Huang Guoqiang’s other film, “La

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