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When the two women were in a stalemate, Ying Bao stepped up and put her hands on her hips and said to Chen Yunlu, “Grandma, if you will not scold my mother and find a new mother for Baby again and are willing to become a good grandmother, we can forgive you.”

“I won’t, I won’t… Grandma will not do anything bad anymore. Grandma will listen to Little Cherry’s words.”

Chen Yunlu was moved to tears. She spread out her arms. “Cherry, can you let your grandmother hug you?”

Ying Bao looked back at her mother. Her mother said nothing, but her silence meant she had agreed to it.

The child walked towards Chen Yunlu and Chen Yunlu immediately pulled the child into her arms, weeping uncontrollably.

If she hadn’t been such a troublemaker, she could’ve been hugging her granddaughter every day and living a wonderful life. She sighed inwardly. It had been all her fault.

Chen Yunlu picked up the child and said to Xu Xiyan, “Jing Xi, from now on, I will not object to your relationship with Yunshen anymore. I’ll let you both hold your wedding anywhere you both wish.”

“You better remember what you’ve said today!”

Xu Xiyan had to say those harsh words to her first. She despised hypocrites the most. If Chen Yunlu were to stir up trouble again, don’t blame her for being rude.

“I know…”

Chen Yunlu had completely lost her usual air of arrogance. She was just an old woman who had turned over a new leaf now.

Xu Xiyan decided not to fuss over an old woman like her anymore. No matter what Chen Yunlu was going to do, it would not affect her relationship with Huo Yunshen.

As for her wedding with Huo Yunshen, he had not brought up the topic at the time being and she had not asked him either.

It was just a ceremony anyway and it didn’t matter to her whether they were going to have one or not.Furthermore, Huo Yunshen had encountered some trouble recently and the wedding would naturally have to be pushed back.

During this time, as long as there was a project involving the Huo Group, the Tianyu Group had to stick their noses in.

Huo Yunshen suspected that Mo Yutian had definitely arranged for commercial espionage and sneaked a spy into the Huo Group. Otherwise, the topics they had been discussing in a closed meeting would not be known by Tianyu.

Huo Yunshen was not someone to be trifled with. He would take countermeasures against any incoming attacks. No matter what kind of means Mo Yutian had taken to go against him, Huo Yunshen would deal with them with ease.

Since his enemy had inserted a spy and commercial espionage, he shall turn his enemy’s tricks against him.

At the land auction in Nancheng, the two very important men appeared at the same time, becoming the object of the media’s crazed pursuit.

Recently, the president of the Tianyu Group, Mo Yutian, had made a splash. As long as Huo Yunshen was present, the media would spot him too.

The two men met and competed against each other in power

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