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People began to notice that the crying woman was Xu Xinrou and realized that the little girl that had died in the explosion was her daughter.

It was an accident from which she couldn’t be saved.

Even though her daughter died in the explosion, Xu Xinrou could not go to the police. If she did, they would’ve found out that she was the one who prepared the bomb and she would be charged as a murderer.

Losing her child caused a huge impact on her and Xu Xinrou finally tasted the results of her evil-doing.

Yet, there was no one she could blame.

After news of the explosion surfaced, people began to realize that Xu Xinrou had a seven-year-old daughter with Chu Yuhe.

It became a huge discussion as it was the daughter of a well-known actress who died in the explosion.

Because of the impact from the death of her daughter, Xu Xinrou could not resume her work.

The classes were halted for a month because of the explosion. Xu Xiyan felt that it was better for Ying Bao to stay at home until the investigation was completed.

Fang Xiaocheng came to look for Xu Xiyan, telling her that a TV program was inviting Ying Bao to their show and they needed the parents’ approval.

Ever since Fang Xiaocheng partnered up with Ying Bao on her livestream, she became the little girl’s manager, taking care of her contact with other people.

But because of the little girl’s safety, Fang Xiaocheng would always inquire with Xu Xiyan first before accepting any partnership with companies.

Xu Xiyan did not accept any commercial partnership for Ying Bao before because she hoped that Ying Bao could have a normal childhood. It would be enough for her to play her cuteness on the livestream.

Yet, the show that Fang Xiaocheng introduced was one of the most famous shows in the country. The “Advance, Little Kids” show was beneficial for little children’s growth.

Xu Xiyan felt that it would be acceptable if Ying Bao wanted to go.

Xu Xiyan asked her daughter, and Ying Bao replied after a few seconds, “I would be better if Aunty Orange went with me.”

“Why her?” Xu Xiyan asked.

“Because I want Aunty Orange to smile,” Ying Bao said while she rolled around the couch. “She would be happier if we could play together.”

Fang Xiaocheng could not help but hug the little girl tightly after the touching words she had said.

Fang Xiaocheng could not even remember when the last time she smiled was.

She had been very hard on herself for the past few months.

Ever since Dazhi left, it felt like half of her soul left with him, and she could not find her meaning in life.

It wasn’t until she accepted Xu Xiyan’s offer to work as a scriptwriter that she began to drag herself out of the darkness she was in.

And she had to thank Ying Bao for staying with her.

The little girl was considerate as she tried to help Fang Xiaocheng even though she was still very young.

Tears began to roll down Fang Xiaocheng’s cheeks as she

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