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Chapter 777: Get Her Fill of Punishing

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Fang Xiaocheng had gone to the kitchen because she was hungry.

She noticed the apples in the basket and got a fruit knife.

Yi Xiao realized that he misunderstood the situation and quickly let Fang Xiaocheng go as he scratched his head.

“I’m sorry, it’s my mistake.”

“It’s okay. Sorry for worrying you.”

Fang Xiaocheng forced a smile on her pale face, a smile uglier than crying.

Yi Xiao could feel an indescribable pain in his heart as he saw the smile. It was a hint of sympathizing.

He could feel how thin Fang Xiaocheng had become when he hugged her and could not believe that she was a pregnant woman.

“Are you hungry?” Yi Xiao guessed.

“Yes,” Fang Xiaocheng nodded, but it was the baby in her belly that was hungry.

“Wait here, I’ll whip something up for you.”

Yi Xiao picked the stuff up from the floor and went into the kitchen with his sleeves rolled up.

Fang Xiaocheng stood at the door and watched as Yi Xiao cooked. He reminded her of Wang Dazhi.

Fang Xiaocheng did not know how to cook, and it was always Wang Dazhi who was in charge of that part. He would always cook her food when she was hungry or brought back food from the restaurant.

There was no way that she wouldn’t be sad when such a fine man had just left her.

Her eyes were filled with tears again as soon as she thought of Wang Dazhi.

As the tears masked her sight, she thought she was looking at the man that would do anything for her.

Fang Xiaocheng understood that it would be hard for her to forget about Wang Dazhi.

Ever since Fang Xiaocheng moved to Shengshi Yujing, Xu Xiyan would go to her place whenever she had free time. Ying Bao would sometimes accompany her mother to make Fang Xiaocheng feel better.

Xu Xiyan thought that the only way to help Fang Xiaocheng was to find her something to do and shift her attention.

Since Fang Xiaocheng always wanted to be a scriptwriter, Xu Xiyan gave Fang Xiaocheng the novel she wrote, “Deep in the Stars,” for script writing.

With the help of her friends, Fang Xiaocheng got better by the day. She started to live a better life for the baby in her belly.

With Fang Xiaocheng back on her feet again, Xu Xiyan was finally relieved enough to go back to the set.

The recording finally reached the climax of the whole movie.

The sisters finally met each other again in the palace. Yun Qingchen had already become an Imperial Concubine while Yun Qingge was trying to get closer to the emperor. Yun Qingchen tried to get her sister to let her revenge go by talking to her.

Yet, Yun Qingge was not the kind girl that she once was. She got to the place that she was by sacrificing many things.

Xu Xiyan believed that Yun QIngge was a character that was specifically written for her, especially the part where she fought with Yun Qingchen.

It was a satisfying arguing scene

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