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Chapter 764: How Afraid I Was To Lose You

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The time now was barely past 8:15 am. They wanted to complete the craniotomy in two hours and then smuggle Jing Xi directly out of the hospital?

Who exactly was behind this?

What were their intentions?

Since Huo Yunshen could not get an answer at the time being, all he could do was to vent his anger at these damned doctors.

He pulled the scalpel out from the back of the spectacled doctor’s hand, flipped it over and stabbed it in his throat.

There was a gurgling noise as blood gushed out from the spectacled doctor’s throat and his body fell to the ground with a thud.

One by one, the other stunned and frightened doctors and nurses were also dealt with by Huo Yunshen.

After taking care of them, Huo Yunshen immediately checked on Jing Xi’s situation. When he confirmed that she was not hurt, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Even so, he was still so scared that he had broken out in cold sweat all over. He was terribly distressed.

What if no one had informed him about this today?

What if Yi Xiao had not found out that something was amiss?

He could not imagine what the consequences would have been like if his woman had not only had her brain operated on, but was also taken away, disappearing without a trace after the surgery.

Would he become so outraged that he felt murderous? Would he flatten the hospital to the ground in his fury?

He untied the ropes that bound her limbs to the bed and picked the unconscious woman up. When he was about to leave the operating room, a group of his staff members came in in time.

Huo Yunshen ordered his men to deal with the scene before leaving with Jing Xi.

Three hours later at Shengshi Yujing.

Huo Yunshen stayed by the bed in their bedroom. When he saw Jing Xi blinking her eyes slowly, he held onto her hand and said to her agitatedly, “Dear, you’re awake?”

Xu Xiyan’s fuzzy vision gradually became focused and clear. She saw a familiar environment and a familiar face. “Am I at home? Is this a dream?” she asked.

“No, this is not a dream. You’re lying in bed in our master bedroom now.”

Huo Yunshen kissed the back of her hand and then pressed her hand up to his cheek, watching her with gentle and affectionate eyes.

After waking up, Xu Xiyan recalled everything that had happened in the operating room at the hospital. Her face suddenly turned pale with horror and she reached out to touch her head. “Ah… my head…”

Those people had wanted to give her a craniotomy. Is her brain still okay?

“Everything’s okay! You’re fine! Don’t worry, dear,” Huo Yunshen comforted her.

Xu Xiyan touched her head. It was still intact and she was greatly relieved. Then she asked Huo Yunshen, “Dear, were those people caught? Who were they? Why did they want to give me a craniotomy?”

“It was still unknown now, but we’ll find out the truth very quickly. If the

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