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Xu Xinrou could only do what Mei Heng wanted.

She had no idea that it was hard to leave the stuff once people were addicted to it.

She had no choice as things were out of her control.

All so that she could have her revenge on Xu Xiyan.

It was all worth it for her.

The match was already on the 10th round when Huo Yunshen finally caught up with Mo Yutian’s score.

With how Mo Yutian believed that he would definitely win the last round, he made the match harder.

He asked for a cloth to blindfold himself.

Everyone was surprised and talked about it.

“Is he going to throw the dart while blindfolded?”

“Oh my god! I don’t believe I can even hit the red dot with my eyes wide open!”

“This will be hard!”

Mo Yutian stood still and shot the dart with his eyes blindfolded.

The dart flew and hit the bullseye.

“Another full score! He can even hit the bullseye while blindfolded!”

“Mr. Huo is in trouble! If he can’t hit the bullseye too, he’ll lose!”

Mo Yutian removed his blindfold and said, “Mr. Huo, it’s your turn now.”

Huo Yunshen accepted the challenge and put the blindfold on before throwing the dart out.

With a loud thuck, the dart dug into the board.

Xu Xiyan covered her eyes, afraid of what the result was. But the crowd began to cheer.

“It’s a miracle!”

“It really is! Is this even possible?”

“Mr. Mo’s dart fell off! Does this mean that he did not get any points?”

Xu Xiyan opened her eyes, and it really was a miracle.

The blue dart that Huo Yunshen shot dug itself right on the bullseye, while Mo Yutian’s red dart fell off from being hit by the blue dart.

Huo Yunshen took off his blindfold and said, “According to the rules, the dart that fell off won’t be counted. Looks like I won.”


Mo Yutian was speechless as he stared at Huo Yunshen.

He always felt that Huo Yunshen was a strong opponent. Mo Yutian always thought that he could win against Huo Yunshen, but Huo Yunshen was like a talented person that would not show his skill to other people.

Mo Yutian strongly believed that if there wasn’t any rivalry or hatred between them, they would’ve been best friends.

But it was impossible for them. The war and the fight between them would last forever.

A waltz song began to play after the match ended.

As the victor, Huo Yunshen walked towards Xu XIyan and extended his arm.

“Can I have a dance with this beautiful woman?”

“Of course,” Xu XIyan smiled and placed her hand in his palm.

Mo Yutian could only sit in a corner, drinking alcohol and staring at the couple.

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