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Xu Xinrou did not want to pay the 20 million debt. She quickly shook her head, pointed at Wen Li, and said, “I’m not Xu Xinrou, she is!”

Wen Li could never expect that Xu Xinrou would try to make her take the fall.

Wen Li was completely disappointed as she stared at Xu Xinrou.

“I’m not! She’s the Xu Xinrou you’re looking for!” Wen Li shouted.

The men realized that the two women in front of them were trying to escape from the debt by selling each other out.

Since they weren’t cooperative, there was only one thing for them to do.

“Take them both back!” the man in charge shouted.

Xu Xinrou and Wen Li were both stunned by his order. Before they could even yell for help, they were both tied up and had their eyes covered before being taken out of the hotel.

On the other side, the dinner was still going on.

Huo Yunshen invited his wife for the first Waltz dance.

The handsome man dancing with the attractive woman in his arms was the attention of the whole night.

The dance ended with Xu Xiyan resting her body on his chest as the crowd clapped for their performance.

Huo Yunshen stared at the girl in his arms gently as their love intensified.

As soon as the dance ended, Huo Yunshen left the dinner with Xu Xiyan after bidding farewell to Mason.

Huo Yunshen took Xu Xiyan back to the hotel that he was staying at.

Now that everyone knew that they were married, no one would talk about it even if they saw them going into the same hotel.

As soon as Huo Yunshen closed the door behind him, he grabbed Xu Xiyan by her waist and pulled her into his arms.

After a romantic kiss, Huo Yunshen started to move his hands to remove Xu Xiyan’s fishtail dress.

Yet no matter how he looked, he could not locate the zips.

Since he was eager, he tore her dress apart as Xu Xiyan looked at her good dress turned into a useless piece of cloth.

“Hey, you tore my dress!”

Xu Xiyan scolded him, as the dress was expensive.

“I will buy another one for you! You don’t have to save my money!”


Xu Xiyan was speechless as her man was becoming a master in tearing clothes apart. In just a few seconds, her dress was completely shredded into pieces.

The man pushed her down onto the carpet like a hungry wolf.

It was a sweet night that was not disturbed. Only their shadows could be seen in the room.

Just as they were having a romantic night, Xu Xinrou and Wen Li were brought to a secluded place and was locked up in there.

They had no idea where they were. They could only see people coming in and out from the reinforced windows.

The people were dressed in soldier’s uniforms and boots, but they could not recognize which army they belonged to.

Those people weren’t like normal soldiers, as soldiers would never play and drink like they did.

In reality, Xu Xinrou and Wen Li were in a small Dark Zone base in Fstan, a base for loan sharks. It was also the place where they w

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