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Mo Yutian’s men placed two pairs of heels in front of Xu Xiyan and Xu Xinrou.

The reporters realized that they weren’t normal heels.

“Aren’t these the famous red-soled heels?”

“What’s that?” some asked.

“It’s a product from Christian-Louboutin, a line established by the French designer, Christian Louboutin, in 1992. These heels are every woman’s dream, but the price is too high for most to get them.”

“Wow! Mr. Mo is going to great lengths to sponsor them with those heels!”

Xu Xinrou could not hide her excitement as soon as she saw the heels and quickly put them on. They fit perfectly on her legs.

Xu Xiyan did not put them on and was wondering if she should.

With how Mo Yutian suddenly showed up to help her and give her a pair of expensive heels, she was worried that he was trying to create a scene where they felt something for each other.

Xu Xiyan did not want the people to misunderstand their relationship, and she also had a husband that could get jealous easily back at home.

Indeed, Mo Yutian did everything on purpose so that he could clear his name of being gay by flirting with Xu Xiyan.

If the media could see that he was trying to make a move on the beautiful lady, the assumption about him would die down.

Mo Yutian took out the heels and was about to put them on for Xu Xiyan when someone shouted near the door.

“It’s Mr. Huo!”

“Huo Yunshen is here! Hurry up and get some photos of him!”

Huo Yunshen walked into the hall with his bodyguards under the flashes from the cameras.

Not only had he come with his men, but he also came with a gift.

He stopped in front of the stage, and one of his men opened the gift. It was also a pair of Red-Soled Heels, but it clearly was different from Mo Yutian’s.

The heel was transparent and decorated with diamonds, while the heel part was decorated with seven 2-karat diamonds.

Even the diamonds would cost a ton of money, and people could not even imagine how much the whole heels would cost.

“What pretty heels!”

“Are these the heels in Cinderella’s story?”

“Did Mr. Huo prepare the heels for Jing Xi? She’s so lucky!”

Indeed, the heels were prepared for Jing Xi.

Huo Yunshen brought the heels to Xu Xiyan, and Mo Yutian’s heels looked normal compared to them.

Only the fanciest of them all could fit Huo Yunshen’s wife.

Xu Xiyan was completely stunned as she could not believe that Huo Yunshen would show up at the dinner, at the right time with a pair of beautiful heels.

It was as if she was in a Disney story.

Yet there was another thing that made her heart beat like crazy.

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