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When the call was connected, Fang Xiaocheng’s weak and anxious voice came from the other side of the call. “Yanyan, help… help me… and Dazhi…”

Xu Xiyan felt her heart jump in shock. She hurriedly asked her, “What happened? Where are you guys? Tell me now!”


No more sound came from the other end. Xu Xiyan was confused and flustered. “What should we do, Dear? Orange and Dazhi seem to be in trouble. She was asking me for help but there was no more sound before she could finish her words.”

“Is the call over?”


The call had not been hung up yet and the other party was no longer speaking, which was why it was very worrying.

Huo Yunshen immediately pulled the car over to the side of the road and used a call locator device to locate Fang Xiaocheng and Wang Dazhi, then immediately sped off to their location.

When Huo Yunshen and Xu Xiyan arrived at the destination, they saw a serious traffic accident in front of them. Many people were surrounding and watching the scene.

One of the pedestrians had already reported the accident to the police. The police and ambulances were currently doing everything in their power to hurry to the scene.

Xu Xiyan squeezed her way through the crowd and saw a terrible scene.

The semi-old pickup truck had collided with a large truck. The truck was turned on its side and its driver hung out from the broken windshield, covered in blood.

The front of the small pickup truck had hit a stone block on the side of the road and was completely deformed. Its driver was stuck in the cab, but he had protected the passenger beside him with the greatest ability with the side of his body. Both of them had fallen unconscious.

Xu Xiyan recognized that they were Wang Dazhi and Fang Xiaocheng, and felt her heart freeze. She did not expect them to suffer a car accident, and not to mention such a serious one.

Fang Xiaocheng must have mustered the last of her strength to make a phone call to her.

“Orange… Dazhi…”

Xu Xiyan’s tears fell. She didn’t know what to do with the situation before her eyes.

She wanted to rescue them, but they were stuck in the front of the car and it was difficult to get them out.

Huo Yunshen did not recommend that she tamper with the accident scene, so as not to cause a second injury to the victims. The best thing they could do now was to wait for the ambulance.

Through the broken car window, Xu Xiyan placed a finger in front of Fang Xiaocheng’s nose and confirmed that she was still breathing and alive. Xu Xiyan called Fang Xiaocheng’s name over and over again. She seemed to be awake.

She opened her eyes weakly and recognized Xu Xiyan, then called out to her, “Yanyan…”

Xu Xiyan took Fang Xiaocheng’s hand and encouraged her, “Hang in there, Orange! The ambulance is coming soon!”

“I beg you… save Dazhi…”

After Fang Xiaocheng struggled to finish these five words, she fell unconscious again.

Wang Dazhi’s situation was partic

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