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Ying Bao ran straight into her mother’s hug.

Yet before they went into the car, Xu Xiyan stopped and looked at a tree.

“Come out!”

A woman came out from behind the tree, and it was Chen Yunlu.

Xu Xiyan had noticed earlier that a person was hiding behind the tree peeking at them. She thought it was a paparazzi, but it turned out to be Huo Yunshen’s mother.

Chen Yunlu looked older than before, and the arrogance she had was gone. She would always hide near the school so she could take a look at her granddaughter every day.

She never realized that Xu Xiyan would notice her and quickly explained, “I’m sorry, I just wanted to see the kid…”

“Please leave my daughter alone,” Xu Xiyan scolded. There was nothing to say between them, and Xu Xiyan pulled Ying Bao towards the car.

“Jing Xi, I’m really sorry,” Chen Yunlu bowed and apologized.

“Am I hearing things? Are you apologizing to me?”

“Yes, I know now that I was the one who was in the wrong,” Chen Yunlu said. “I finally understand after spending some time alone. I’ve hurt you and your relationship with Huo Yunshen. For that, I’m really sorry. I hope you can forgive me and let me see my granddaughter in the future.

After she was chased out from the Huo family, she finally understood how stupid she was.

She went to her son, but her son told her that she could only go back to the Huo family if Jing Xi forgave her.

That was why she went to meet with Xu Xiyan. She hoped that Xu Xiyan could forgive her so that she could go back to the Huo family.

“Why should I believe you?” Xu Xiyan asked, as she got goosebumps when she thought of their past. “How should I know that you’re not plotting to take my daughter away from me?”

To show her sincerity, Chen Yunlu slapped herself in the face, again and again.

“Stop acting in front of me. It won’t change my mind.”

Xu Xiyan was actually worried that people would say something when they saw an old woman slapping herself in front of her.

In truth, some wounds could never heal.

The offensive words that Chen Yunlu had once said were like needles pricking her heart. There was no way Xu XIyan could ignore that.

It would be impossible for Xu Xiyan to treat Chen Yunlu as her mother-in-law.

“It’s not an act. I’m really here to apologize.”

Chen Yunlu finally understood that she had brought everything onto herself.

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