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It felt like Xu Xiyan was the main actress of the whole movie, and Xu Xinrou was the supporting role.

While they were resting, Yang Wenxue started to talk with Xu Xinrou.

At first, Xu Xinrou did not want to talk to her because she seemed close with Xu Xiyan. Xu Xinrou had no interest in people who tried to get on every person’s good side.

Yet Yang Xuewen was not as simple as she looked.

“Seriously, you’re an A-list actress, why do you keep letting that newcomer get the better of you?” Yang Xuewen asked Xu Xinrou. “Are you going to stand still and let her take your spot?”

“What are you trying to say?” Xu Xinrou asked curiously.

She thought that Yang Xuewen was Xu Xiyan’s friend and was surprised that she would say something like that.

“It’s just unfair. You should get back at her for taking your place!”

Of course, Xu Xinrou wanted to punish Xu Xiyan. She even dreamt of choking her at night.

She thought that she would have the chance to take her revenge on Xu Xiyan when the shooting began.

But, it was the other way around. Xu Xinrou was the one getting the worse treatment.

Xu Xinrou stared at the new actress who was introduced into the set by the sponsor, wondering if she was trying to get something out of them fighting.

“Why do you even care?” Xu Xinrou asked, hugging her arms.

“I’m just the same as you. I don’t like how cocky she is,” Yang Xuewen said as she stared at Xu Xiyan.

“I thought you were very close with her?”

“Impossible!” Yang Xuewen scolded as she grabbed Xu Xinrou’s hands. “I think it’s time you know who I really am. I was the main actress for “Root of Evil,” and I’m supposed to be the ambassador for ROSUE…”

Her life had been ruined by Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen.


Xu Xinrou was surprised as she finally realized who Yang Xuewen was.

“That’s right.” Yang Xuewen smiled cunningly.

Yang Xuewen’s real name was Yang Qiong.

Xu Xinrou guessed that Yang Qiong had her face changed and joined the movie just to take her revenge on Xu Xiyan.

She acted like she was a newcomer, but in reality, she was trying to learn more about Xu Xiyan.

Her appearance meant that Xu Xinrou did not have to walk down the revenge road alone anymore.

“This is a huge surprise!”

Xu Xinrou and Yang Qiong were like two bitches looking for the same trouble, and they finally met.

“You have to remember this, I’m on your side!” Yang Qiong said. “It’s all because of Huo Yunshen that she can act the way she does now. You should find someone to support you too so that you can get to the same level as her.”

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