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[Popular Young Actor Ma Haodong Suspected of Abusing Drugs, Investigations Underway]

The Weibo users went into an uproar. His fans were completely disbelieving of the news. They all started to post comments, requesting Ma Haodong to respond on his official Weibo page.

After seeing this news, Xu Xiyan sat up in bed in shock. “Oh no, dear! Brother Dong is in trouble!”

Huo Yunshen had already seen the news before she had and already knew about Ma Haodong’s trouble.

He had promised Xu Xiyan before that he would take care of Ma Haodong. After being informed of his troubles, he had immediately taken measures to settle the problem.

“You don’t have to worry. I’ve already ordered my staff to deal with it.”

After hearing him say that, Xu Xiyan felt a weight lifting from her chest. She believed that Huo Yunshen had the capability to handle everything smoothly.

Now, she only hoped that Ma Haodong’s stardom would not be affected by this matter. After all, “Root of Evil” had only been released recently. Through this film, he was very likely to win a Golden Goose Award for the best male supporting actor.

After all, what Ma Haodong had committed was no trivial matter. Drugs were something that the country had explicitly forbidden in the first place. Once involved with them, the consequences would be unimaginable.

After some time, Ma Haodong had lost many fans because of this incident.

Also, he was being scathingly criticized by many ignorant netizens. They had even criticized him by saying that he was cancer to society and was not worthy of being a public figure and should get out of the entertainment circle.

In fact, it was very understandable why his fans and netizens had felt that way. Because Ma Haodong had always given the people an impression of himself as a warm and sunny person and he was a representative of positive energy.

He was not only a star, but he also had always been Peijing’s Anti-Drugs Ambassador to the public.

As a goodwill ambassador, he was actually involved with drug abuse. This was the biggest reason that caused the public’s outrage.

However, there were two sides to this incident. Because of the incident this time, Xiao Yuqian first released a media statement through Jingyue Entertainment Official, stating that Ma Haodong was an artist under Jingyue Entertainment and the company would proceed to conduct public relations for him.

For Ma Haodong, this was a great thing.

Before this, there was no way for him to join Jingyue no matter how much effort he had put in. Now, it turned out that Xiao Yuqian had actually taken the initiative to include him in the company. How could he not be happy?

During this period, Xu Xiyan went to visit Ma Haodong and told him that Jingyue Entertainment had already stated to the public that he was one of their artists.

Ma Haodong was overjoyed. “Oh-Em-Gee! Isn’t this a miracle? I’m not as unlucky as I thought after all! This is simply

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