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The children were very safe. Yi Xiao had already found out that the bombing was intentional.

A vehicle transporting some children had exploded. One child and two adults had suffered different degrees of injury. More than a dozen passers-by were affected by the shockwave and the surrounding stores were seriously damaged.

Now the police were working hard to solve the case and the injured had been sent to the hospital for treatment.

Huo Yunshen’s brow scrunched up tight after reading the news. It seemed that Peijing was becoming more and more unsafe.

He was thinking: was there any relationship between the bombing and the Dark Zone?

As long as the Dark Zone existed, no one could even dream about achieving real peace.

If it was the Dark Zone who had been deliberately creating chaos, then he had to start thinking about retreating. Even if it was not for himself, he also had to find a way out for his family.

If they couldn’t stay in Peijing anymore, where else could they go?

Meanwhile, Xu Xiyan, who was at the studios, also saw the news. She immediately called up Ye Xun. “Hello? Second Senior, have you picked up the children? Are they okay? I just saw the news.”

“Yeah, they’re fine. Don’t worry, the children are already safely home.”

Xu Xiyan was relieved. Thank god they were fine.

The stage manager informed the first and second lead female actors to get ready. When the shoot for the 120th scene began, Xu Xinrou ran out of the resting lounge, pale-faced. She didn’t even have time to change her clothes and had rushed out towards the set.

When she heard about the news about the bombing five minutes ago, she thought that her plan was successful and Xu Xiyan’s daughter must have been blown up into bits.

But after five minutes of triumph, she saw a follow-up report of the news that the vehicle bombed was the vehicle that was arranged to pick up her daughter daily.

The news reported that the people in the vehicle were seriously injured and had been taken to the hospital.

She and Yang Qiong did not know what had happened. Why was the vehicle transporting her daughter blown up?

Just then, the hospital called and asked whether she was a parent of Chu Youyou. They told her that her daughter was seriously injured in the bombing and asked her to come to the hospital.

She didn’t believe it, but the doctor said that there was a nameplate hanging around the neck of her daughter. They had found her contact number on the nameplate and it was how the hospital contacted her.

If that was the case, they shouldn’t be mistaken.

Xu Xinrou’s cell phone fell to the ground. She grabbed Yang Qiong and asked her, extremely horrified, “How could this happen? How could this happen? Why is it not her daughter? Why is it my daughter? Tell me! What happened!?”

Yang Qiong was not sure which part of the plan had gone wrong. She could only suggest that Xu Xinrou go to the hospital and see what was going on.

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