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“Oh, I’m so sorry,” Miao Ling apologized before running off. “There’s no more drink. I’ll go order ore.

Wan Dao stared at Miao Ling while she left and mumbled, “Who wants your coffee? I don’t get why people would try to degrade themselves on purpose.”

Every person from top to bottom had gotten the coffee except for Xu Xiyan

It was clear that they arranged for that to happen.

“Come on, it’s just a cup of coffee. I’ll treat you after the work today has ended,” Xu Xiyan said. There was no need for her to be petty about that kind of stuff since it would happen more often in the future.

“It’s not that I want the coffee, I just can’t stand Xu Xinrou,” Wan Dou scolded. “Does she think she can order everyone around because she got the leading role?”

Since Xu Xiyan also played the important role of the female antagonist, Wan Dou felt that she at least should get a better deck chair to rest in.

Yet, most of the makeup artists were busy helping Xu Xinrou with her makeup, and it was clear that they were trying to get on her good side.

Xu Xiyan could not care less about what was happening as she was the one who told the director that she did not need any special consideration.

She did not mind what she was offered and would rather spend her time focusing on her script.

Her job was to go through the script thoroughly and understand her character.

Just as Xu Xiyan was about to read the script, she could not find it anywhere.

“Wan Dou, did you see my script?”

“Isn’t it over there… Hey, where is it?”

Wan Dou had no idea where the script went either.

Just as they were looking for the script, a girl walked over and said, “Senior, are you looking for this?”

Xu Xiyan raised her head and realized it was Yang Wenxue, the actress who had the third female lead in the movie. She had the script in her hand.

“Just call me Jing Xi. Yes, that’s mine. Thank you.”

Xu Xiyan took the script from her.

“Then, I’ll call you Sister Jing Xi,” Yang Wenxue said. “I really like the character you are going to play. Can you teach me how to express a character’s personality?”

Yang Wenxue was like a rookie with no experience and was asking Jing Xi for advice.

Xu Xiyan heard that Yang Wenxue was also a newcomer and was introduced into the movie by the sponsor. She looked like she was a simple and smart girl.

“Go through the script more. Since I’m also new here, I’m trying to understand the character’s personality too,” Xu Xiyan said.

“Thank you! I’ll come back when I have more questions!” Yang Wenxue smiled and walked away.

Yet, as soon as she turned, her smile disappeared, and hatred could be seen in her eyes.

At the same time, there was a commotion at the door.

Everyone shifted their attention to the commotion and they could see Yi Xiao leading a group of bodyguards onto the set with various things in their hands.

Most of the people knew who Yi Xiao was, Huo Yunshen’s personal assis

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