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However, when she took her assistant Fan Tong and strode past in front of the reporters, they did not react, as though she was invisible.

What’s going on?

She had already come out. Why were they not interviewing her?

In order to attract their attention, she took off her sunglasses and revealed her celebrity face.

Finally, a reporter noticed her. He pointed at the woman who was stubbornly standing in front of them as she flaunted herself. “Look, isn’t that Xu Xinrou?”

“Do you want to interview her?”

“No way! She’s an embarrassment to the people of Zstan. Interviewing an uncultured actress like her is a waste of saliva.”

“Exactly! How could she still have face for coming back?”

As Xu Xinrou listened to the reporters gossiping all at once, she felt as though a storm cloud had come rumbling over her head, shocking her with a violent lightning strike.

She felt her blood flowing from the bottom of her feet back to the top of her head, a chill running up her spine.

It’s all over. Everyone in the country already knew about that news. Are they starting to hate her because of that incident?

Even if that was her own fault, she still had her LK perfume advertisement, right?

Wasn’t this a good opportunity to interview her?

Just when Xu Xinrou was contemplating a way to strike up a conversation with the reporters to promote herself, another group of people came out of the exit.

A sharp-eyed reporter immediately recognized the person coming out of the exit. “Jing Xi is here! It’s Jing Xi! Go, go, go! Let’s hurry up and go grab first-hand information!”

The other reporters were instantly roused as soon they heard Jing Xi was coming. One by one they all rushed past Xu Xinrou towards Jing Xi.

Xu Xinrou was a bit dumbfounded as she watched the reporters go after Jing Xi in a frenzy. What’s wrong with them?

They’d rather run off to interview a D-list actress and ignore a big shot star like her. Are they crazy?

Xu Xinrou was left in the cold by the media. She dug her nails into her skin angrily as she watched Jing Xi being surrounded by the reporters.

Damn it! Why is she always stealing her limelight?

Xu Xiyan had just come out and was already being surrounded by the reporters, barraging her with questions non-stop.

Fortunately, she was wise. When her plane had arrived safely in Peijing, she and Huo Yunshen had agreed to take separate routes.

Huo Yunshen had left the airport via a VIP passage with their daughter. Xu Xiyan had taken the normal exit with her manager and her assistants and bodyguards.

Although their relationship had been made public back in Fstan, the people in Zstan were still skeptical about it. They thought that it was intentionally fabricated to hype up the LK perfume advertising campaign.

Xu Xiyan did not want her family of three to be exposed under cameras of the media, especially when her daughter was present.

The reporters only saw Jing Xi

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