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Huo Yunshen had a decent alcohol tolerance, but in order to maintain his body, he rarely drank. Occasionally, he would still drink a little during social engagements he could not reject.

Today, he was going all out for his wife.

One by one, the wine glasses disappeared from the table. When Huo Yunshen was drinking the last glass, Mo Yutian had already finished all of his wine.

The staff came over and handed Mo Yutian a dart. He stood at the shooting position, listened to his gut feeling, aimed, and threw, the dart flying out from his hand.

Thud! The dart hit the bullseye.

“Wow! President Mo is really good!”

“I wonder how Mr. Huo would fare. He would be a laughingstock if he couldn’t hit anything!”

Everyone was in a curious mood as they waited to watch Huo Yushen’s turn. Mo Yutian stepped away from the shooting position. “Your turn, Mr. Huo.”

Huo Yunshen had just finished his last glass of wine. He put down his glass and stepped up to the shooting position and took a metal dart from the staff.

He looked at Mo Yutian’s dart on the board and narrowed his eyes. If he wanted to beat Mo Yutian, he had to hit the bullseye too.

After visually measuring the distance, Huo Yunshen had some assurance of the shot and began to take aim.

Everyone held their breath. Xu Xiyan’s heart was leaping up to her throat.

Huo Yunshen threw out the dart. It penetrated through the air before finally landing on the dart board.

It did not land on the bullseye. He was behind Mo Yutian just by two points.


It was still a good shot; better than not hitting the dartboard at all. After all, not everyone can land a dart on the dartboard easily.

There were still nine more rounds and it was still too early to say who would win or lose.

At the reception and while the competition between the two men continued, no one noticed that the other product endorser was not present.

Xu Xinrou had taken an opportunity during the competition to go accompany Mr. Mei.

Mei Xiangdao had a room on the cruise ship. He was hungry for some drugs, so he left midway through reception and returned to his room. Xu Xinrou also followed him.

Currently, he was experimenting with the latest drug, IK-99. Once tainted with it, it had to be used constantly. There was no antidote for it.

With something this good, Mei Xiangdao wanted to let Xu Xinrou have a taste of it. He called her to come over to enjoy it with him, “Come here, my beauty.”

“It’s okay, President Mei. You can enjoy it yourself. You don’t have to mind me, hehe.”

Xu Xinrou knew very well of the dangers of drugs. She was now a star and she must not touch things like that. Once found out, her future would be ruined.

Mei Xiangdao really did not expect that after he had kindly asked her to try something expensive such as this, she would still refuse him.

“Who do you think I am? Are you disrespecting me?” Mei Xiangdao said with some anger.

“How coul

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