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Chapter 776: In Case She Had Any Suicidal Thoughts

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Now, she and her child were fine but Dazhi was gone. Gone forever.

Because of the impact Dazhi’s death had on her, Fang Xiaocheng was not in good shape now.

Next, Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen took over the matter and help inform Dazhi’s parents. They also helped them arrange Dazhi’s funeral.

Wang Dazhi’s parents were honest villagers and the death of their son had a very big impact on them. Their son had passed away before them and the elderly couple was very sad.

The insurance company had paid them the death benefit for their son’s death. The old couple took the money and their son’s ashes and returned to their hometown.

From then on, there would be no one like Wang Dazhi in Peijing anymore.

In order to take care of Fang Xiaocheng, Xu Xiyan especially took a few days off to accompany her in the Blueberry Community.

The impact Dazhi’s death had on Fang Xiaocheng was too great. She had fallen into a serious depression and she would do nothing but weep all day.

In their residence at the Blueberry Community, she could still see traces of Wang Dazhi everywhere. Living here would only make Fang Xiaocheng miss him and become sadder by the day.

Fang Xiaocheng was hopelessly infatuated with Dazhi. They had loved each other for so many years. How could she forget about him just like that?

Xu Xiyan was very worried that Fang Xiaocheng was going to have suicidal thoughts if she continued to live here. Besides, she was not going to have peace of mind by leaving a pregnant woman alone here.

She remembered the other apartment unit opposite of the one she and Huo Yunshen were living now, the one Yi Xiao would occasionally stay at. Xu Xiyan and her husband decided to vacate one of the empty rooms there and let Fang Xiaocheng live in there so they could look after her more easily.

Xu Xiyan could not take too many days off from her shoot. She knew she would be worrying about Fang Xiaocheng after she returned for her shoot, so she decided to ask Yi Xiao to help look after Fang Xiaocheng in case she had any suicidal thoughts.

Yi Xiao was happy to help and readily agreed to it. He could treat her as a new fellow housemate.

When Fang Xiaocheng had first moved in, there were basically no interactions between her and Yi Xiao.

In order to fulfill his responsibility of her “guardian,” Yi Xiao secretly installed several pinhole cameras in their apartment.

He had installed the cameras not because he wanted to spy on her, but to remain aware of her situation at all times so he could stop her in time in case she tried to take her own life.

As long as there was time every day, watching the surveillance cameras had become Yi Xiao’s daily job.

Most of the time, he would see the girl sitting alone by the window, staring blankly out of it. If not, she would be weeping by herself silently.

Yi Xiao also unde

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