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At the Blackwater Manor.

Mo Yutian threw the newspaper to the ground angrily and exclaimed, “Why is the entertainment circle in Zstan so terrifying?”

He was a straight man who was wrongfully “skewed” now. At this moment, the entertainment circle was spreading a rumor that he was a gay man—they had even said that he was pursuing the beautiful Huo Yunshen. Doggone it!

“It’s not that the entertainment industry of Zstan is terrifying, but the people of Zstan which are terrifying,” Reid replied matter-of-factly.

There was nothing the people of Zstan could not say or imagine. The great people of Zstan were simply the best at gossiping and being nosy.

“Get rid of all those scandals! I don’t want to hear any of it anymore,” Mo Yutian ordered sharply.

“Yes, Sir!” Reid obeyed, then asked again, “About the LK reception tomorrow night, do you still plan to invite Huo Yunshen?”

“Yes, he must be invited! I must clear up the rumors!”

The next day, Huo Yunshen received an invitation from LK for a reception on a cruise ship.

Originally, Huo Yunshen would not attend, but after learning that LK Perfume was holding an event to promote its new local products on the cruise ship and Xu Xiyan had to attend, he had to go too.

Xu Xiyan and Xu Xinrou attended LK Perfume’s new product promotion event as their product endorsers.

LK had sent their dresses and shoes to their film set in advance. In order not to let Xu Xiyan steal the limelight, Xu Xinrou deliberately tampered with the heels of her high heels.

Of course, she did not forget Mo Yutian’s warning; he had forbidden her to harm Jing Xi. So while she was tampering with Jing Xi’s shoes, she also tampered with her own shoes at the same time.

This way even if Jing Xi got into an accident, everyone would suspect the sponsor of the shoes as the culprit rather than Xu Xinrou.

The two appeared in the media’s sight—one in a black dress and the other in white. Both of them were flashing their most amiable smiles as they waved at the reporters and their cameras.

As they were stepping onto the gangway of the cruise ship, Xu Xinrou deliberately wedged the tip of her high heels into a gap and pretended to trip, knocking onto Xu Xiyan.

Due to the sudden external force, Xu Xiyan staggered, lost her balance on the problematic heel, and began to fall toward the sea.

Just when Xu Xinrou was secretly gloating inside that Xu Xiyan was about to become drenched all over in sea water, a big hand suddenly reached out and pulled Xu Xiyan back to safety in time.

Just like in the movies, whenever the hero successfully saved the damsel in distress, the woman would lie in the man’s arms, and they would gaze into each other’s eyes.

This was what the media on the shore saw and they immediately began to snap away pictures of Mo Yutian saving the damsel in distress.

After looking clearly at the man’s face and seeing that passionate look in his eyes, Xu Xiyan quick

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