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Chapter 768: She Is My Wife

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Since her debut, she was constantly the talk of the town and was very popular. Because of the topic of her secret marriage now, she fully deserved the title of the first queen of buzz of the entertainment circle.

Usually, when an actor’s secret marriage is exposed, it will be met by negativity from their fans. But Jing Xi was different.

At first, she was just like Cinderella, starting out in her career as a nameless actress. Then later, she became known as the daughter of a famous celebrity. Whether she was the former or the latter, it was very admirable that she was able to be with Huo Yunshen and have a fruitful outcome in their relationship.

The point is, she had resources like Huo Yunshen and her advantage as a daughter of a famous celebrity available to her, and yet she had chosen to start out as an insignificant substitute actor. She had chosen to start her career humbly and honestly—and that is the most impressive thing.

One could say that she had hooked up with Huo Yunshen because she wanted to take advantage of his status, but how many women could actually accept a disabled man?

Since the time when Huo Yunshen was still disabled, she had always stayed by his side faithfully until he had recovered his health, and it was all thanks to her efforts.

Instead of hating her because of their secret marriage, everyone envied her for persevering till the end and getting the best man in the world.

In front of the nosy reporters, Xu Xiyan chuckled. “Why don’t you all ask me today how I feel about acting as the second female lead for the first time? Didn’t you all notice my great mood today?”

The reporters were amused by her humor. Probably to them, it was rare to see another actor talking like her. She was really such a lovable person.

During the course of the interview, one of the reporters suddenly exclaimed, “Hey, look! ‘The Super Scoop’ is on now! And Elvis is on an entertainment show for the first time for a live interview!”

Everyone turned their heads around and saw that the TV screen at the press conference was showing the program “The Super Scoop.”

Xu Xiyan looked towards the TV screen too. On the TV screen, she saw the man’s perfect figure, brought out by his expensive handmade suit. He looked so noble, cool, and composed.

He was sitting on the sofa, resting his chin on one hand as the host interviewed him.

Xu Xiyan knew that the talk show “The Super Scoop” was a leading entertainment program in the whole country and it was the highest rated TV show.

But she also knew that, from the past until now, Huo Yunshen had never accepted any invitations for interviews, let alone an invitation to appear on an entertainment talk show.

Did he actually go on the talk show in secret?

Zhu Xiaoli, the host of “The Super Scoop,” was living up to the nickname the entertainment circle had given her, “The Shrewd-

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