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“All right, I’ll wait for your reply,” Tang Shixue said gratefully.

Being able to consider for that option was a huge hope for Tang Shixue.

The more she got to know Jing Xi, the more she liked her.

She was a fair and just person with a loving heart.

There was no way Huo Yunshen would have chosen her if she did not have those qualities in her

Xu Xiyan did not head straight back home but went to Huo Group’s building instead.

The high-rise of the Huo Group was one of the landmarks of Peijing city.

It was Xu Xiyan’s second time there with a mask and cap. She told the reception her name.

The receptionist was changed and trained to recognize that the woman with the last name “Jing” holding the president’s gold card was the president’s wife who fired a lot of their staff last time

She was also the same woman that their president announced whom he was married to in Fstan, Jing Xi.

The receptionist guided her to the elevator and pressed on the floor where Huo Yunshen’s office was at.

“Miss Jing, this is our president’s private elevator that heads straight to his 45th-floor office,” the receptionist said.

Xu Xiyan still remembered how she was mistreated the last time she was there.

The new receptionist was able to identify her instantly, and she liked it.

Xu Xiyan thanked the receptionist with a smile and boarded the elevator.

The secretaries on the 45th floor had already gotten a call from the reception telling them that Xu Xiyan was heading up.

As soon as a tall and beautiful woman came out from the elevator, all three secretaries got up and said, “Miss Jing, welcome.”

“Is Mr. Huo in?”

Since Xu Xiyan headed to the office without calling Huo Yunshen first, she had no idea he was in a meeting.

“He’s in a meeting right now, and it might take some time,” one of the secretaries explained. “Would you mind waiting in the office?”

“Sure thing.”

Xu Xiyan followed them to the president’s office.

She sat down on the couch as one of the secretaries came in with coffee, snacks, and the latest fashion magazines.

“Please enjoy these while you wait for President Huo.”

“Thank you.”

Xu Xiyan began to wait for Huo Yunshen quietly as she munched on the snacks, having not had her lunch yet.

After finishing her snacks, she went through a few pages of the magazine and started to feel drowsy. She planned to rest her eyes for a while in a comfy position but fell asleep as soon as she closed her eyes.

While she was sound asleep, the three secretaries were discussing their president’s wife enthusiastically.

“I would never have guessed that Jing Xi was our president’s wife if it did not make the news!”

“You’re right! I like her so much! They really compliment each other so well!”

“Only a woman with the wits and looks like her can steal the heart of our extraordinary president! I’m so jealous of her.”

“But the most important part is that she did not lea

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