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Every country in the world knew that JS was a group that fought for peace and justice, fending off evil doers in the world.

As long as any part of the world was terrorized by either terrorists or dark forces, JS would be there to fight them.

“Yes, sir!” Yi Xiao said.

It would not be hard for JS to find out where the drug came from.

Other than the drugs, Huo Yunshen also asked about Mo Yutian.

“What’s Mo Yutian been up to recently?”

The best way to protect his loved one was to know his enemy.

With how Mo Yutian had showed up at LK’s dinner, it was clear that he had a huge plan for Jing Xi.

Huo Yunshen had to be well prepared for him.

“I found out that he was trying to get a place in Shengshi Yujiang,” Yi Xiao replied.

What is he trying to do? Huo Yunshen scolded in his head. Is he trying to become my neighbor or something? He really is willing to do anything to get his hands on Jing Xi!

“Prevent any property trade in Shengshi Yujiang!” Huo Yunshen ordered. “Don’t lose sight of Mo Yutian and increase the security measures at Shengshi Yujiang. And one more thing, help me check something.”

Huo Yunshen whispered something to Yi Xiao.

“Yes, sir!”

After they had concluded their business and walked out from the study room, Xu Xiyan had already finished preparing the dinner.

“Yi Xiao, join us for dinner. There’s plenty left,” Xu Xiyan invited.

Yi Xiao hesitated. For the long years of serving beside Huo Yunshen, Yi Xiao never dined at the same table as his master before.

“Sit down,” Huo Yunshen said, tapping on Yi Xiao’s shoulder.


Yi Xiao was flustered as he sat down beside them.

Xu Xiyan noticed that Yi Xiao was very awkward when they were eating and encouraged, “Yi Xiao, don’t worry, just treat this as your own home. Why are you still feeling awkward after following Huo Yunshen for such a long time?”

Xu Xiyan found it funny because technically they would’ve been like brothers by then.

And yet Yi Xiao still respected Huo Yunshen highly, which was very weird.

Yi Xiao snuck a glance at his young master.

Yet he could not see any hint of expression from Huo Yunshen. The only person in Huo Yunshen’s eyes was Xu Xiyan as he served her foods and de-shelled shrimp for her.

Even though he had been following Huo Yunshen for a very long time and they knew each other as close friends, it was still his first time dining with him, and Yi Xiao was very excited.

But after the dinner had ended, Yi Xiao was already full from seeing Huo Yunshen and Xu Xiyan showing their affection towards each other.

“Thank you for the meal, I’ll take my leave now,” Yi Xiao said. “I’m staying at the opposite house tonight. I’ll be there if you need anything.”

Room 103 was also Huo Yunshen’s property, a place where Yi Xiao would stay from time to time.

After Yi Xiao had left and the couple was the only people left. Xu Xiyan was curious as to what they were discussing,

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