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Parents were waiting for their kids in front of Peijing Experimental Pre-School.

Two mascots were giving out toys to the kids. It was usually how tuition centers advertised their services to the parents through the kids.

Almost every kid got one of the toys from the mascots.

One of the mascots noticed Ying Bao coming out with Tang Feimo and gave her a toy.

Ying Bao looked at the egg-shaped toy with a printed pig on it in her hand and asked, “Brother Feimo, what is this?”

Tang Feimo looked at the toy and said, “Nothing good if it’s free.”

“My mum told me that I shouldn’t accept anything from a stranger,” Ying Bao said and gave the toy to Tang Feimo.

Tang Feimo looked at the toy for a few seconds and threw it into the bush beside them.

Chu Youyou was following them as they walked hand-in-hand, furious from what she was seeing. She noticed Tang Feimo throw something into the bush and picked it up due to her curiosity.

She thought the egg-shaped toy was cute.

Since Tang Feimo did not want it, she thought of keeping it for herself.

Because she picked something up that belonged to Tang Feimo, she hopped happily to her car.

On the other side, Ying Bao and Tang Feimo boarded Ye Xun’s car.

Just as Ye Xun was about to start the engine, a loud explosion occurred around 200 meters away from them.

A car was blown into pieces.

Because of the explosion, parents were running away from the scene with their children.

Ye Xun and the kids witnessed the explosion as Ye Xun quickly protected the kids while Tang Feimo hugged Ying Bao.

“Uncle Tree Leaf, what happened? Is it the New Year already? Is it fireworks?” Ying Bao asked after the explosion died down.

Just as Ye Xun was about to answer, Tang Feimo quickly explained, “No, there’s a monster over there.”

Ye Xun looked at the child as he gave a huge thumbs up to the kid in his head.

Ying Bao quickly understood, as explosions would usually occur when the monsters in Ultraman appeared.

Ying Bao’s face quickly turned serious and said, “Uncle Tree Leaf, hurry up and call my mummy! She’ll come and take care of the monster!”

“You got it!”

Ye Xun stated the car and took the kids as far away from the scene as possible.

The police and ambulance arrived soon after. The police quickly secured the area while the ambulance hurried the victims to the hospital.

The explosion at the pre-school immediately made every news report in the city.

As soon as Huo Yunshen saw the news, he quickly ordered Yi Xiao to make sure the kids were safe.

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