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With the success of the Bewitching Fae came the failure of Mo Yutian’s plan.

Yet it wasn’t enough for him to give up since his subordinate had found out that Jing Xi used to donate her bone marrow, something that he could work on.

Xu Xiyan gave herself a three days holiday after the shooting session ended.

She used all three days to tour around Fstan with her husband and child.

Huo Yunshen prepared a cute limo to drive them around Fstan.

The happiest out of them was definitely Ying Bao. Going on a trip with her parents was really meaningful to her.

Ying Bao would do a pose at every spot she went to and ask her father to take photos of her.

She wanted to show them to Feimo so that she could prove that she was also a person who had traveled with her parents.

Huo Yunshen acted as a photographer and shot photos of his wife and daughter.

He would ask Yi Xiao for his help whenever he wanted to take a family photo.

They went to many places and ate many foods for those three days, and they were happy.

They packed their stuff on the fourth day, ready to head back to Zstan.

Sitting in the private jet, Ying Bao asked, “Mummy, when can we come back to Fstan again?”

“Hm… When we have the time, okay?”

“But I have the time now!”

It was clear that those three days were too short for her.

Xu Xiyan also wanted to spend more time with her but the audition for Huang Guoqiang’s new movie, “The Beauty of the World,” was in two days

She would have to spend most of her time on set after the audition.

Xu Xiyan lifted the little girl’s face up and explained, “But mummy has to go back to prepare for the new movie, that’s why we can’t stay in Fstan anymore. Don’t you want to go back? Don’t you miss Brother Feimo?”

The little girl blinked her eyes as soon as she heard Feimo’s name and said, “I miss him! Can he join us the next time we go on a trip?”

“Of course! As long as you like it,” Xu Xiyan said as she pinched her daughter’s cheek.

With going back to Fstan out of Ying Bao’s mind, she started to pack all the food in her bag. Those were her favorite, and she was bringing it back for Tang Feimo.

Xu Xiyan and her family arrived safely at Peijing International Airport

Coincidentally, Xu Xinrou’s plane also landed around the same time as them.

Everything that had happened in Fstan to Xu Xinrou was like a bad dream. After being violated by the people from the Dark Zone, she slept for a whole three days.

The first thing she did when she woke up was to check if news of her being raped was posted online.

After making sure that the incident had not been made public, Xu Xinrou felt relieved as she could continue to act all high and mighty.

She already told her manager to inform the public that she would be coming back so that fans and reporters would be waiting for her at the airport.

With that in her mind, she walked towards the exit at a faster pace with a pair o

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