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After watching the video, Xu Xiyan felt that all the depression and frustration accumulated in her heart had disappeared. Her heart felt light and joyful.

It’s just freaking awesome!

There was a great feeling of justice being served, and the truth was coming to light.

It was as if the entertainment industry was not just filled with darkness and filth, but also with people who were doing the job of filtering and cleaning. Such as the official Weibo of Midnight Entertainment News, whose news and gossips were usually fairer and more objective.

One couldn’t help but salute their staff.

She was really thankful towards them.

As they walked onto the set, Xu Xiyan met Qi Liya and her assistant Xiao Ke. She went up and gave a friendly greeting. “Liya.”

Qi Liya smiled gracefully. “Jing Xi, you’re here.”

“Yeah! You’re early! You’ve even gotten your makeup done!”

Xu Xiyan was in great mood, her face is all smiley, giving off a lively and cheerful vibe.

“I saw the news, you should be all right now.”

Qi Liya had been relieved when she saw the video and the news. She’d been worried that Jing Xi couldn’t get over the hurdle.

Now, it appeared that she’d been blessed.

“Thanks for your concern, Liya,” Xu Xiyan said joyfully. “Hopefully I can wrap up smoothly in two weeks.”

“Wrap up in two weeks? I don’t think it’s possible.”

Qi Liya thought of the additional scenes Huang Guoqiang had mentioned and told her, “I heard that the director and scriptwriter added some scenes for you! I don’t think you can wrap up in two weeks.”

“Huh?” Xu Xiyan was surprised. In confusion she asked, “Why? I’m just a palace maiden. What additional scenes could they give me?”

She hadn’t taken it to heart when she had heard from Zhao Ruiqi about the addition of scenes. She only realized it might be real now that she heard it again from Qi Liya.

Huang Guoqiang wants to give me additional scenes?

My scandal is everywhere recently, what’s the reason for giving me more scenes?

Personally, Xu Xiyan did not want any scenes to be added, as this role was like Xu Xinrou’s punching bag. More scenes would just mean she’d be hit a few more times, and who would be willing to do that!?

“I don’t really know the details. You should know when the production team gives out the notice.”

After chatting with Qi Liya, Xu Xiyan went to the makeup room to look for Linda. After her makeup was done, just as she changed and stepped out of the changing room, the production assistant Xiao Ge came running to her. “Jing Xi, the director is looking for you.”


It would probably be about the addition of scenes. Xu Xiyan had decided that if it was to add similar scenes where she would get kicked and such, she would strongly reject it.

Xu Xiyan went to the director’s studio, holding on to the ends of her skirt, Huang Guoqiang saw her and greeted her smilingly, “Come, come, come, Jing Xi,”

“Director, were you looking fo

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