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Everyone was absorbed by Huo Yunshen’s voice, and remained silent even after he had finished his song.

Huo Yunshen broke the silence by saying, “Thank you.”

Fang Xiaocheng came back to her senses, her face filled with surprise and awe.

“Oh my god! Your voice is so beautiful, I thought I was hearing the original!” Fang Xiaocheng said.

“Not bad!” Wang Dazhi said, giving a thumbs up. “A little better than me.”

Fang Xiaocheng punched her boyfriend in his shoulder and scolded, “What do you mean by a little? How dare you compare your broken voice to his? People would pay him to sing, while others have to pay with their life if they hear you sing.”

“…” Wang Dazhi felt like he’d been struck by lightning over a thousand times.

Come on, I just can’t sing well, it doesn’t mean that I could kill someone with it…

“Mr. Huo, if some day you decided to become a singer, you’ll definitely surpass Ni Yun!” Xu Xiyan said, trying her best to cover the truth.

Huo Yunshen looked at her and smiled.

The little cuttie raised her head and smiled at Huo Yunshen.

“Uncle Dimple! Your voice is so good! It was so touching to hear!”

“Then, do you understand what I’ve just sung?” Huo Yunshen asked.

“Of course!” Ying Bao said, sitting on the couch. “It was about a little bird whose wings are broken. Yet it never gave up and kept trying. In the end, the bird could finally fly again!”

She even mimicked a bird when she was explaining the lyrics. It was funny and refreshing to see.

“Well done, 100 points!” Huo Yunshen said.

“You’re like the little bird who broke its wing, Uncle Dimple,” Ying Bao said, touching Huo Yunshen’s knees. “If you don’t give up, you’ll be able to fly one day, too.”

Ying Bao’s words touched everyone in the room as Huo Yunshen tried to hold back tears.

“I’ll try my best every day,” Huo Yunshen promised, touching Ying Bao’s forehead with his own. “Then I’ll be able to fly a kite with you.”

“Pinkie promise!” Ying Bao extended her pinkie and hooked it with Huo Yunshen’s.

Fang Xiaocheng looked at Huo Yunshen and Ying Bao, and she suddenly felt like they were actual father and daughter more and more.

Fang Xiaocheng looked at Xu Xiyan curiously as Xu Xiyan averted her gaze.

“Come on, let’s sing,” said Xu Xiyan, trying to throw Fang Xiaocheng off of her suspicions.“What do you guys want to sing, I’ll prepare it.”

After getting to know Huo Yunshen, Fang Xiaocheng finally began to like him more and more. She even felt that he andXu Xiyan would definitely be a perfect couple.

If Xu Xiyan didn’t mind Huo Yunshen’s condition, and Huo Yunshen didn’t mind that Xu Xiyan had a child before marriage, they would definitely look normal together while holding a little kid’s hands.

“Yanyan, you should sing, too, let me do the hard chores,” Fang Xiaocheng said as she decided to set it up.

Fang Xiaocheng chose a song called “Your Love Was Worth It”.

“Hey, this is a duet,” Xu X

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