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“No worries, director! We’ll ensure that Jing Xi won’t get hurt.”

“Go ahead, then,” Huang Guoqiang said with a wave of his hand.

“Thank you, director!”

“Thank you so much, director!” Mr. Xing couldn’t help but to keep thanking him.

Besides letting Huang Guoqiang know, Xu Xiyan also contacted her manager Xiao Yuqian and informed the company.

As she followed Mr. Xing to the set of “The Root of Evil,” they confirmed the shoot schedule and began intensive shooting.

For the entire afternoon, there were both acting and action scenes. None were unconquerable for Xu Xiyan.

When they were filming acting scenes, her great memory and quick thinking enabled her to remember her lines within three rounds. Everything went smoothly when she was acting with the male lead.

Not to mention action scenes, where even the fight choreographer recognized her martial arts skills.

After the afternoon shoot had ended, the company’s celebrity van came to pick her up. Xu Xiyan told Wan Dou and the rest to go back, and that she could drive the Porsche back.

Xu Xiyan did not go back to Shengshi Jingyu, but instead went to the Jing mansion.

When she was back at the Jing mansion, Fang Xiaocheng was there with Ying Bao, doing a livestream.

Fang Xiaocheng was wearing a big orange on her head sitting in front of the camera with a childlike look. The little girl was wearing a yellow Pikachu onesie, looking extremely adorable.

Fang Xiaocheng asked the little girl: “Little Cherry, who do you think came first in the world, your mummy or you, the daughter?”

The little girl gave a look that said Aunt Orange aren’t you silly, and answered: “Of course it was me, the daughter, who came first!”

Fang Xiaocheng didn’t understand: “How is that possible? Your mummy gave birth to you. If there’s no her, there’s no you!”

The little girl held up her little chin, pouted her lips and said in a serious tone: “Aunt Orange you’re wrong! Of course it’s the daughter that came first! Without a daughter, mummy would still be someone else’s daughter!”

Fang Xiaocheng couldn’t help but admit defeat. “Haha! That seems logical!”

The live streaming went on for about 8 minutes, and the camera turned off after they were done. Fang Xiaocheng removed her round orange head and gave Ying Bao a big kiss on her face. “Oh Cherry! How could you be so clever with your words!”

Ying Bao puffed up her little cheeks, tilted her head and said proudly, “Because my mummy is a superwoman, so I am also a superbaby! We can do anything, so of course we are clever with our words!”

“Ok! Ok! You’re a superbaby!” Fang Xiaocheng laughed and tapped on her little nose.

After the live streaming ended, Xu Xiyan came in from outside and called, “Ying Bao, Orange!”

“Xi Baby!” Ying Bao heard her mother’s voice, wideneing her eyes as she saw her walking in. Immediately, she rushed over and hugged her legs, “Xi Baby, I missed you so much!”

Xu Xiyan bent dow

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