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As soon as Song Xiangping thought of the rumors about Huo Yunshen’s cruelty, her whole body began shaking.

If Huo Yunshen was to bring his wrath on her family and boyfriend for Xu Xiyan’s sake, the outcome would be disastrous.

Song Xiangping finally understood that she’d offended a person that she shouldn’t have and began to regret her choices.

Before Huo Yunshen could even continue, Song Xiangping kneeled on the ground and begged, “Mr. Huo, please, let me go. I’m an idiot for going against Jing Xi, I shouldn’t have looked down on her. Please, let me go…”

She’d lost all of her proud composure from a few minutes before and was begging on the ground like a slave.

Huo Yunshen looked at her from his wheelchair and asked, “How many times did you hit her? How many times?”

“O… one,” Song Xiangping replied while she lifted a finger.

“Very well, slap her 10 times,” Huo Yunshen said like he was talking to an old friend.

One of the bodyguards stepped up and slapped Song Xiangping’s face 10 times.

Song Xiangping’s cheeks were burning from the slaps as the world began to spin.

“Does it hurt?” Huo Yunshen asked.

Song Xiangping nodded, hoping that Huo Yunshen would let her go.

“Then it means you weren’t hit hard enough, another 10 times,” Huo Yunshen ordered.

It was like the anger in Huo Yunshen’s eyes had died down as they returned to their charming state.

He was ordering his man to hit someone as if he was asking someone how their day was.

Another 10 slaps echoed throughout the room, and Song Xiangping’s pretty face was replaced by a swollen one.

“So, does it hurt?” Huo Yunshen asked.

“No…” Song Xiangping shook her head as she spat out some blood.

She tried her best to hide the pain from him.

Xu Xiyan was holding in her laughter as she watched from the side.

What is he trying to do? He’s giving her hell, but he doesn’t allow her to scream?

Those 20 slaps were refreshing.

“You don’t have to be so afraid,” Huo Yunshen said. “I’m not a cruel person. Since you’ve made a mistake, you have to bear the consequences. You are to leave your post at once and never show your face in Peijing from tomorrow onwards.”

It was like the devil himself was speaking through Huo Yunshen.

One sentence from him was enough to exile a person and destroy their future. And he said that he’s not cruel?

Xu Xiyan glanced at man in the wheelchair, who appeared almost lazy.

So this is what he looks like when he’s serious.

Song Xiangping knew that Huo Yunshen had shown mercy towards her.

At least Huo Yunshen did not take her life.

“Thank you,” Song Xiangping said. “I’ll leave Peijing tomorrow and never come back!”

“Oh,” Huo Yunshen said, scratching his head. “Not a word about anything that has happened today goes out, or else…”

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