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Ma Haodong kissed the blue note and went into the bathroom. He cleaned himself up and prepared a simple meal for himself in the kitchen.

After his breakfast, he lay on the sofa and watched TV as he waited for Xiao Yuqian to come home.

He had many things that he wanted to talk to her about.

And no matter how badly she wanted him to leave, he would never do so.

The afternoon shooting for the “Red Sleeved Beauty” went smoothly as everything proceeded according to plan. On the other hand, the “Root of Evil” was in a huge mess.

Everything and everyone was prepared for the shoot, except for Ma Haodong, who hadn’t shown up yet.

It wasn’t like him to be late.

Ma Haodong was a person who was always on time and did not act like a celebrity. It was abnormal for him to skip work.

He’d even missed his work and his manager had to help him ask for a leave due to a personal reason. Yet, it was the next day, and he still hadn’t shown up.

“Where is Ma Haodong? Has anyone contacted him yet?” the director, Peng Sicheng, asked.

“We tried, but his phone is off!” the stage manager, Mr. Xing, replied.

“Have you tried Miss Song then?” Peng Sicheng scolded.

“It’s the same with her!” Mr. Xing replied as if he was about to cry.

“What the hell is happening here?” Peng Sicheng cursed. “Hurry and call Ma Haodong again!”

Mr. Xing could only comply and called Ma Haodong. Miraculously, the call went through.

“I thought you said his phone was off?” Peng Sicheng questioned.

“It was!” Mr. Xing replied with a shaking voice. “He might’ve just switched it on.”

“Ma Haodong, where are you?” Mr. Xing asked as soon as Ma Haodong picked up. “You have a scene to shoot today, why aren’t you here?”

Ma Haodong was still lying on the couch with a bag of chips in his hand as he coughed into the phone.

“Cough… I’m sorry, I’m come down with a cold… cough… I’ll get over there right away… Please tell the director I’m sorry and I’ll be there ASAP… cough…”

Ma Haodong was definitely an A-list actor.

It was as if he was really sick.

With the speaker mode on, Peng Sicheng could clearly hear that Ma Haodong was seriously sick and quickly said, “Don’t worry about the movie, just get some rest, all right?”

“Thank.. you…”

“Go to the hospital if it’s really serious, you hear me?” Peng Sicheng said.

“I will…”

Ma Haodong hung up and threw his phone aside as he continued to watch TV shows with his bag of chips.

Good show, good chips, this is life…

Even if Peng Sicheng had told Ma Haodong to rest, he had no idea how to proceed with the shooting.

The lead actress, Huang Yanran, had her arm broken two days ago and was resting up. It was either they shoot Huang Yanran’s scene or Ma Haodong’s scene.

Yet now that both of them were absent, Peng Sicheng was already in panic mode. “Oh my god! What am I supposed to do now?” he shouted.

“Director,” Mr. Xing suddenly said. “How about we sh

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