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Huo Yunshen was happy to hear her praises.

He was not born a talented chef, but had picked up the skill throughout his trip to adulthood. Watching her eating made him want to learn more about cooking than before.

There was a saying that went “to capture a man’s heart, you’ll have to first fill his stomach.”

The same saying should apply to women too.

Huo Yunshen wanted to satisfy Xu Xiyan’s taste buds to keep her body and heart.

Isn’t this a little too greedy? Huo Yunshen smiled in his heart.

The food was enough for both of them, even though Xu Xiyan ate a little more than she would usually eat.

She finished all of her Tom Yum soup and licked her lips.

“That was so good! I think I should go on a diet tomorrow…” Xu Xiyan said.

“I don’t think you need to do that…” Huo Yunshen said.

He thought that she has the perfect body for a lady. Just right in the middle with curves that would make men drool and women jealous.

Xu Xiyan smiled as she puffed up her chest and asked, “Oh, really? I don’t need any diet? Then, what do you think of my body?”

“Not bad…” Huo Yunshen quickly averted his gaze and continued to drink his soup.

Xu Xiyan felt like she’d been punched a thousand times in her heart. This meant that her body was only so-so in Huo Yunshen’s eyes. She finally understood why Huo Yunshen had made the papaya salad.

She took the whole bowl of salad and said, “Looks like I have to eat all of this. Papaya has the nutrients to increase my breast size.”

Huo Yunshen looked at Xu Xiyan and was rendered speechless.

Did I say something wrong? Or did I make the wrong dish and she misunderstood something?

After dinner, both of them went for a walk around the park. They went back after that for Huo Yunshen’s therapy.

The therapy was something that should be done almost every day, especially the acupuncture where the best result could only be obtained by doing it daily.

Xu Xiyan packed her stuff after the therapy and went back to Room 102.

After Xu Xiyan had left, Huo Yunshen went into his study room and plugged the USB drive that Yi Xiao had given him into his laptop.

He’d gotten the drive from Yi Xiao hours before and was about to check its content when he received a call from Wan Dou.

He unzipped the folder on the drive and found a long video in it. He opened the video and realized it was a scene captured on the set of “Red Sleeved Beauty.”

The video was shot from Camera 2, which had captured everything, even the people who were in the director booth.

The video began from Take 2 of the 47th scene. Yao Yue had been secretly on her way to hand over some medicine to Wei Pingting, when she was caught by Meng Zhaoyi. Meng Zhaoyi began to scold Yao Yue while Yao Yue hugged her leg to beg for forgiveness and Meng Zhaoyi kicked her off the stairs.

The director had approved of the scene and was about to shoot the next one when Chu Yuhe suddenly requested a reshoot becaus

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