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The netizens who had scolded Xu Xiyan before started to come to their senses.

[What the hell? There’s still another side to the story?]

[Looks like we’ve been misunderstanding the whole situation! Jing Xi is the victim here, not the perpetrator!]

[Why is Chu Yuhe making Jing Xi’s life difficult?]

[That’s too much! That was some decent acting, why would he say it was bad acting?]

[Why was the truth kept from us until now? Is the company trying to hype up the whole movie by using this rookie?]

[I’m beginning to wonder if the stories about Jing Xi were true or not.]

The netizens began to shift their opinions in favor of Xu Xiyan. Ma Haodong’s fans who had hated Xu Xiyan finally realized they were doing the wrong thing all along.

A considerable amount of people began to leave apologies on Xu Xiyan’s official account.

[Jing Xi, I’m sorry for misunderstanding the whole situation. We bickered about it without understanding the whole thing.]

[That’s it, I’m going to become your fan! Your professional ethics really touched me!]

[I’ll support you!]

[You should tell the whole world about these wrongdoings! Don’t let them mistreat you because you’re new!]

The video was not published through Yunhai Entertainment, but rather through the most famous online news platform, The Midnight Entertainment News.

News from this platform always analyzed things from a third person perspective. Their news stories were mostly true and most people believed them.

It was like someone had thrown a nuclear bomb onto the whole entertainment business, everyone was already talking about the incident.

In just nine hours, the video had been viewed by more than 10 million users and was one of the most shared videos online.

As one of the involved parties, Chu Yuhe was already aware of the video, as he had been informed by someone from his company.

That’s weird…

I thought I already bought off everyone who was present that day…how did this video get out?

Chu Yuhe quickly asked one of his staff to call the news platform and ask them to remove any bad news regarding him.

But his staff returned saying that the video was already one of the most-searched topics online, and that no amount of money could help him now.

Chu Yuhe cursed as he threw the ashtray on the table in front of him.

What is happening? Who is the person behind all of this?

Chu Yuhe wanted to know who had the nerve to oppose him.

“It must be Huang Guoqiang!” Chu Yuhe shouted as he paced back and forth in his office.

Xu Xinrou sat on the sofa and thought for a moment.

“No, it’s not Huang Guoqiang,” Xu Xinrou said. “He would never destroy his own reputation. There would be nothing good for him if he was the one who shared the video.”

“No, it’s him, I’m sure of it,” Chu Yuhe said. “He’s the only who could get his hands on the video. He even scolded me that day. If you hadn’t asked me to beg him to come bac

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