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“I know, I know,” Huang Guoqiang said with a smile. “The reason I wanted to add more scenes for you is because of your talent. I’m giving you the chance to have more screen time. Shouldn’t you be happy?”

Huang Guoqiang had met many newcomers that would do anything to get more screen time or land a role, but it was the first time he’d met someone who rejected these types of offer.

“Seriously, director, I’m really grateful for that,” Xu Xiyan said. “But I don’t want other people to talk behind your back, saying things like ‘Director! Why did you give Jing Xi more screen time? Do you have a special relationship with her or something?’ You might get yourself into trouble. There’s a huge risk here!”

Xu Xiyan finished her sentences with many expressions, especially the part where she was mimicking other people.

Huang Guoqiang couldn’t hold in his laughter. A huge risk she said!

Huang Guoqiang decided to not give her more screen time, but to instead let her in on his new movie.

It was the sequel to the “Red Sleeved Beauty,” titled “The Glamorous Beauty.” The script was already in the writing stage, and Jing Xi was very well-suited for one of the characters.

Xu Xiyan had no idea her rejection that day could lead her to new happiness.

Because she had thought of other people’s benefits and gave up the extra screen time, she’d opened the door to a major role in the future.

“All right, all right! After another half a month, your character should die if we go according to the plan. Do your best!” Huang Guoqiang laughed.

“Thank you. Then I’ll take my leave,” Xu Xiyan said.

Xu Xiyan lifted her dress and turned to leave but stopped after taking a few steps.

She turned back, stared at Huang Guoqiang and asked, “Director, why do I feel like I know you from somewhere?”

“Of course you know me, we’ve been meeting almost every day!” Huang Guoqiang was stunned by the question.

“No, that’s not it!” Xu Xiyan said. “I remember seeing you at the restaurant that night…”

“You must’ve mistaken me for somebody else,” Huang Guoqiang said anxiously, stopping Xu Xiyan mid-way.

Xu Xiyan suddenly remembered that it was indeed Huang Guoqiang who was having dinner with Qi Liya that night.

“Oh, that must be it,” Xu Xiyan did not press any further, as she knew what was happening.

“Hurry up and get yourself prepared, you have another scene coming up!” Huang Guoqiang said.

“Sure thing,” Xu Xiyan said and left, leaving Huang Guoqiang behind, soaked in cold sweat.

Damn, that was some bad luck that night!

Huang Guoqiang has been going after Qi Liya for quite some time. He finally went on a date with her, and when he was about to confess his feelings for her, Xu Xiyan barged into the room accidentally which ruined the whole atmosphere.

Yet he was also lucky that Xu Xiyan was not the kind of person who would spread rumors.

This is too suffocating.

I get to see Qi Liya every day, but I have no cha

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