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Miss Song had a smug look on her face, as she had come prepared.

“You…” Wan Dou rolled her sleeves up and was about to cover for Xu Xiyan.

But just before she could do anything, she heard a gust of wind fly by her ear, and four slaps echoing throughout the private dining room.

She looked at where the slaps came from and saw Xu Xiyan standing in front of Miss Song.

Both of Miss Song’s cheeks were red from the slaps. She held her face and glared at Xu Xiyan.

“How dare you hit me!” Miss Song shouted.

“And who says I can’t?” Xu Xiyan said as she stared at Miss Song. “Let me tell you something. I’ll always bite back at anyone who dares to bring me harm! Those four slaps are me biting back! I’ll let you go since you’re acquainted with Ma Haodong. I don’t want any more trouble for today.”

“Leave?” Miss Song said. “Do you think I will just leave like this? Let me show you what despair looks like.”

Miss Song turned towards the four men behind her and ordered, “Take care of her. Let her know what it’s like to look down on me!”

“Don’t… don’t come closer!” Wan Dou shouted as she tried to block the four men. “Do you know who Jing Xi is? Who our boss is? If…”

Wan Dou didn’t finish her sentence as she was pushed aside by one of the men.

Wan Dou was afraid that they might harm Xu Xiyan. She picked up her phone and called Huo Yunshen.

The four men ignored Wan Dou and tried to grab Xu Xiyan.

Good, it has been some time since I’ve exercised!

Xu Xiyan thought as she loosened her arms and legs, the four men fast approaching.

She threw a quick left hook at one of the men, and he staggered backward, bringing down the table as he fell.

She kicked another guy and sent him flying into the wall.

Punches and kicks echoed throughout the whole room as Ma Haodong slept soundly. Wan Dou suddenly felt that calling Huo Yunshen seemed unnecessary.

She had been worried about Xu Xiyan before everything happened, but now she let out a sigh of relief as she saw the four men were the people getting their butts kicked.

The only thing going through Wan Dou’s mind was how strong Xu Xiyan was.

All hail Xu Xiyan!

Xu Xiyan kept on punishing the four dudes. Miss Song was stunned as she saw Xu Xiyan grabbing a chair and bringing it down on one of the men.

She knew that Xu Xiyan used to work as a stunt double for the “Root of Evil,” but she’d never seen Xu Xiyan in action before. Now she was witnessing Xu Xiyan beat up the four men that she’d brought with swift and powerful movements.

The room was already in a mess after Xu Xiyan had stopped. All of the furniture was destroyed, except for the table that Ma Haodong was sleeping on.

No matter how strong Xu Xiyan was, she was still fighting four fully grown men. Even though she’d won, she still suffered some hits here and there. She was massaging her arm when a swarm of bodyguards wearing dark suits rushed in.

“Jing Xi, are you all right?” Yi Xiao

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