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“The stunt double is physically similar to Huang Yanran. You can’t tell that she’s a stunt double from the back and the side. We can let the stunt double shoot a portion of the scenes till Huang Yanran has recovered. Then we can just add in scenes that shows her face, what do you think?”

“Great! Great! Great!” Peng Sicheng exclaimed.

“…” Mr. Xing was stunned; our director is so anxious that he couldn’t speak properly.

Peng Sicheng saw that Mr. Xing was in a daze so he gave him a kick, “What are you still in a daze for? Go and contact the stunt double!”

Mr. Xing walked a few steps and stopped. “Director, I think we might have difficulty inviting the stunt double.”

“Why so? Weren’t the past few scenes alright?”

Peng Sicheng recognised that the stunt double had good acting skills, from a professional perspective, and that she might have even outperformed the female lead, Huang Yanran.

It was such a pity that she, as a stunt double, had no fame. Audiences would still prefer celebrities with a certain amount of fame.

“I’ve heard that the stunt double Jing Xi is more recently on Huang Guoqiang’s production team, with a contract signed. Plus, she has gotten some attention recently. So there might be a need to pay her more.”

Mr Xing decided to warn Peng Sicheng beforehand.

“Contact her! At most we’ll pay her double!”

Stunt doubles are usually not paid much, so doubling her pay was nothing much.

“Roger!” Mr. Xing was ready to go over to Huang Guoqiang’s production site as instructed.

A few steps out, he was called back by Peng Sicheng again. “Xiao Xing, come back!”

Mr. Xing walked back, “What’s wrong, director?”

“You say the stunt double is called Jing Xi? The one that was involved in a scandal with Ma Haodong?”

“That’s right!”

“Oh my! Try to poach her over! She can name her price!”

Peng Sicheng recalled the scandal that was spreading all over the internet, and it was all about this girl named Jing Xi.

Even though she seemed to have a smeared image, and seemed to be heavily involved in a scandal, as a director with foresight, he could see that actors with trending scandals had a higher possibility of becoming famous.

After all, the reason why “The Root of Evil” had gained so much attention was largely due to the scandal between Ma Haodong and Jing Xi.

Poaching Jing Xi over would gain more attention for “The Root of Evil.” It was basically free advertising!

During lunch, Xu Xiyan was eating a packed meal on set. Mr. Xing came over to the set of “Red Sleeved Beauty” and found out where Jing Xi was. He followed the directions as instructed by others and found her.

“Jing Xi!” Mr. Xing saw Jing Xi sitting on the floor eating her lunch, and his eyes beamed with surprise.

Xu Xiyan looked up and saw that it was Mr. Xing from “The Root of Evil,” and she hurriedly stood up and greeted him. “Mr. Xing, what brings you here?”

“Jing Xi, it’s like this,” Mr. Xing

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