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Since there was no love interest, Chu Yuhe naturally wanted to distance himself.

Unfortunately, Chu Yuhe made a wrong move.

The reason why Huo Yunshen wanted to question him about his relationship with Xu Xiyan, was to prepare for the subsequent handling of Juxing Entertainment.

Since Chu Yuhe had thoroughly distanced himself, Huo Yunshen didn’t have any more scruples, not to mention he continued to support him.

“Make some coffee for Mr. Chu.”

Huo Yunshen ordered a coffee through the internal line. Moments later, the secretary brought the coffee in and placed it in front of Chu Yuhe.

Chu Yuhe sat on the sofa and smugly tugged on his tie. He felt that since Mr. Huo had offered him a coffee, it indicated that there would not be any issues with Juxing.

Huo Yunshen will continue to have my back.

“Have a taste,” Huo Yunshen said.

Chu Yuhe smelled the coffee and said. “Yes, you can tell by the smell that it’s authentic Blue Mountain Coffee. Mr. Huo, you have good taste.”

Actually, it was just instant coffee with an extra ingredient.

Chu Yuhe was no coffee connoisseur. He picked up the coffee, drank it all, put down the cup, and complimented it.

Now that things had been cleared, and the coffee had been finished, Huo Yunshen said, “I understand the situation. You may go now.”

Chu Yuhe thought that he had successfully covered himself, and joyfully took his leave, “That’s great! I’ll take my leave then. Thank you for helping take care of this matter.”

Chu Yuhe walked out of the office and met Yi Xiao, who he joyfully greeted. “Mr. Yi, I’ll treat you to drinks some day.”

Look at Chu Yuhe’s smug look.

Pfft…Drinks? Drink your own pee, man!

Yi Xiao felt that it was really too soon for Chu Yuhe to be happy, oblivious to the disaster that awaited him.

Looking at Chu Yuhe’s back, Yi Xiao began the countdown, “10, 9, 8, 7…”

Everything is under control.

Before the countdown reached 1, Chu Yuhe stopped his steps. There was something wrong with his stomach.

It started with a little pain, then the pain escalated, followed by waves of sharp cramps.

A strong thought struck his mind: he might have been having a diarrhea.

One can’t help but comply to nature’s call, and though Chu Yuhe wanted to bear the pain, it was excruciating. He could only hold tight to his pants, supporting himself with the wall and making his way to the washroom.

At a critical moment like this, Chu Yuhe just wanted to find a place to relieve himself. He had no energy to even think of the cause. He had no idea that the coffee he drank was spiced up with some laxatives.

This powerful laxative, once consumed, would ensure that whoever drank it would be having diarrhea all day and night for at least three days, leaving them groggy and dizzy.

Chu Yuhe rushed into the washroom cubicle and immediately relieved himself. His stomach felt better but started aching again moments later.

Again, and again

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