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After Xu Xiyan had let Ying Bao down, Ying Bao took her hand and said, “Xi Baby, have a seat, I’ll make some tea for you.”

“Okay,” Xu Xiyan smiled.

A kid that respected her mother was enough to make Xu Xiyan forgot all the tiredness, and she could nearly drown in her happiness.

They had their dinner at the Jing mansion. They went for karaoke after that.

“I was so worried,” Fang Xiaocheng said when they were on their way to the karaoke. “I thought your acting career was over, but then suddenly the video came out, and everything changed. My heart was about to explode, like I was on a roller coaster or something.”

“Relax,” Xu Xiyan laughed. “The people aren’t stupid, and there still are good people in the entertainment business.”

“Everything happened because of that Chu Yuhe!” Fang Xiaocheng scolded. “He’s going to get it one day!”

“Orange Mommy, who is Chu Yuhe?” Ying Bao tilted her head and asked after hearing the conversation.

“He’s the worst monster in this world, he’s like the monster you see in movies,” Fang Xiaocheng explained. If she were to tell Ying Bao Chu Yuhe’s true nature, Ying Bao would never understand it. Using a movie and monster reference would be easier.

Oh, so he’s a big bad monster! Ying Bao nodded as she finally understood who Chu Yuhe was.

“I see, then Xi Baby can become the Super Ultraman and defeat him!” Ying Bao said, clutching her fist.

“Yes, then he will never destroy our earth!” Fang Xiaocheng said.

Xu Xiyan looked at the two of them in the rear view mirror and laughed, as an adult was discussing how to defeat a monster with a kid.

They’d already booked a private room at the karaoke center.

Wang Dazhi also arrived on time, and they went into the room together.

After several minutes of singing had passed, Xu Xiyan handed the microphone to Wang Dazhi and told them she had to go get someone.

It wasn’t long before she came back with Huo Yunshen in his wheelchair.

Wang Dazhi almost dropped the microphone as soon as he saw Huo Yunshen. Oh my god! Why is the Movie King here, too?

“Mr. Wang, Ms. Fang, please, don’t let me intrude upon you,” Huo Yunshen smiled.

“Mr. Huo, please call me Orange like everyone else,” Fang Xiaocheng said.

“She’s right, you should drop the honorifics. You can call me Dazhi,” Wang Dazhi said, scratching his head.

“Sure thing,” Huo Yunshen said with a smile that was as gentle and warm as the Spring.

Ying Bao jumped down from the sofa and rushed to Huo Yunshen’s side. She grabbed his arm and said, “Uncle Dimple, it’s you!”

“Yup, how are you little one?” Huo Yunshen smiled as he brushed Ying Bao’s hair off her face. He’d finally gotten closer to the little girl, like how a father and daughter should be.

“I’m very good!” Ying Bao replied as she jumped around. “You’ve become more handsome, Uncle Dimple. Your eyes are like the stars shining in the sky. I could feel the whole room lighten up with your prese

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