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Chu Yuhe was now seeing red, determined that Huang Guoqiang was the culprit. He was now contemplating how to best deal with Huang Guoqiang.

Xu Xinrou, on the other hand, felt that there was more than meets the eye. Someone who is able to manipulate the situation and turn the tables around within a few hours must have had great capabilities.

Who could it be?

Huo Yunshen’s face emerged in Xu Xinrou’s mind…

Could it be him?

It was just like how he helped Xu Xiyan by making her go again and again with the scenes, and allowing Xu Xiyan to hit her the previous time. If it really had been Huo Yunshen, it would be terrible.

“Yuhe, do you think it might be Mr. Huo?” Xu Xinrou asked fearfully.

“Which Mr. Huo?” Chu Yuhe was uncertain if she meant Huo Yunshen or Huo Jingtang.

“Huo Yunshen.”

“How can that be?”

Chu Yuhe highly doubted that it was Huo Yunshen, and never suspected him at all. After all, Huo Yunshen had always looked after him. Juxing Entertainment’s development today was all because of Huo Yunshen’s help.

“Don’t forget. Huo Yunshen likes Xu Xiyan. What wouldn’t he do for her?”

Xu Xinrou’s eyes flashed with jealousy. She hated Xu Xiyan for being able to gain the favour of the Huo family.

“That shouldn’t be possible. Didn’t you say that previously, when Uncle Xu sent Xu Xiyan to Huo Yunshen’s bed, he was furious? He even scolded Uncle Xu and demoted him. I reckon he no longer fancies her. After all, it has been five years…she might have been forgotten.”

Chu Yuhe felt that, even if Huo Yunshen still fancied Xu Xiyan, Xu Xiyan couldn’t be interested in a disabled man sitting in a wheelchair like him.

“I’m worried that’s exactly why he’s waiting for revenge.”

Huo Yunshen was Xu Xinrou’s primary suspect. Her parents did that previously to please Huo Yunshen, but they messed up, and had instead offended him.

“Impossible…it couldn’t have been Mr. Huo.”

Chu Yuhe denied the possibility. He knew Huo Yunshen, and he knew that he was not the type to take revenge behind someone’s back. He would just tell it straight to your face if he wanted your life.

Just as they were talking about Huo Yunshen in the office, Yunhai Entertainment called. The other party said that Mr. Huo wanted Mr. Chu to make a trip over.

“All right, wait for me here. I’ll make a trip to Yunhai Entertainment.”

Chu Yuhe took his car keys and blazer and went out.

Outside Juxing Entertainment, reporters formed a large crowd. As Chu Yuhe stepped outside, he was surrounded by many reporters.

“Mr. Chu, could you provide an explanation of what happened last week when you visited the set of Red Sleeved Beauty?”

“Mr. Chu, why did you make life difficult for a newcomer?”

“Mr. Chu, what’s the relationship between you and Jing Xi?”

“Mr. Chu, you forced the scene to repeat filming multiple times. Was it to express discontent with the director, Huang Guoqiang? You two had a dispute on set, is it beca

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