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Is she flirting with me?

Huo Yunshen can feel his heart melt.

She wanted to eat something made by him?

No problem.

He was always ready to do anything for her.


Huo Yunshen agreed to her request, and immediately notified the driver to send them home.

At Shengshi Yujing, Xu Xiyan pushed Huo Yunshen back to Apartment 101 and they entered and changed their shoes.

Just as she was about to reach for a pair of disposable slippers, as usual, Huo Yunshen took out a new pair of female slippers from the shoes cabinet and placed the slippers in front of her.

“Wear thess.”

Xu Xiyan looked at the pink rabbit slippers with their long ears, and asked smilingly, “You bought these especially for me?”

“It was a free gift from one of my online purchases.”

Huo Yunshen answered with a serious tone, but in reality, he had gone online specifically to buy them for her. Especially bought for her, all for her…

Xu Xiyan smiled and said nothing. She immediately put on the new slippers.

She saw that Huo Yunshen’s heart was hidden real deep.

He was obviously being good to her, and yet he acted indifferently.

This man is like a smoldering ember…will a confession kill you?

After changing their shoes and entering the house, Huo Yunshen made Xu Xiyan rest on the sofa while he prepared dinner for her.

Xu Xiyan leaned on the sofa and watched him move towards the kitchen in his wheelchair. She felt regretful. She could have just eaten instant noodles, why was she making him cook?

The thought of him going through so many troubles made her heart ache.

She should have been the one looking after him in his state, yet he was the one cooking for her.

Xu Xiyan! You’re completely hopeless!

At the thought of this, Xu Xiyan stood up and walked towards the kitchen. “Mr. Huo, forget it. Let me do it myself.”

“No worries, I’m really quick. Just wait for me in the dining room.”

Huo Yunshen turned around and smiled at her warmly, telling her to wait outside.

Everything in the kitchen was custom made, integrating modern technology, the marble counter and stove even adjustable in height. Therefore, he could easily prepare and cook.

“Okay then.” Xu Xiyan saw the skill with which he cooked and decided to listen to him and wait.

After some time, Huo Yunshen finally finished cooking dinner. He controlled his wheelchair with one hand, and had a tray in the other as he entered the dining room.

Xu Xiyan took the tray as soon as she saw him, and placed the dish on the table. Glancing at the food, she saw that it was actually Country T’s dish, T-Style Fried Rice Noodles.

“There’s still more in the kitchen, I’ll go get it.”

As Huo Yunshen was about to turn his wheelchair, Xu Xiyan stopped him and said, “Mr. Huo, you should stay. Let me get it.”

Xu Xiyan went to the kitchen and served several dishes, including Tom Yum Goong soup, cashew chicken, and green papaya salad. Every dish

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