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Chu Yuhe thought of Yi Xiao and quickly called him. After a few minutes, Yi Xiao came into the bathroom and handed him a roll of paper.

“Oh, by the way, Mr. Chu. You better hurry up in there. We have some repairs to make to the toilet,” Yi Xiao said before leaving the bathroom and locking the door. He left a “Work In Progress” sign on the door and left.

“Got it,” Chu Yuhe said and quickly cleaned himself up. Just as he was about to leave, he noticed that the door was locked, and that he couldn’t open it.

“Hello? Is anyone there? Who the hell locked the door?”

No matter how much he shouted or banged on the door, no one came. He took out his phone but there was no signal.

It meant that he couldn’t make a call and had no access to the internet.

What was more, his butt began to itch after using the paper from Yi Xiao, and it kept getting itchier as time passed.

The itch started from his butt and quickly spread throughout his whole body. He just kept scratching and scratching.

Then, his stomach began to ache again. He sat back down on the toilet as he kept scratching his body,

And at that moment, a hole broke in the ceiling and water came falling down onto his head, water that had pee and poop in it.

His whole body was soaked with disgusting water, and he almost fainted from the smell.

“Is anyone there? Help! Get me out!” Chu Yuhe kept shouting but couldn’t be heard as Yunhai Entertainment’s walls were made with the best sound-proof material.

He wanted to kick the door down, but the ache drained all of his energy.

He wondered if someone was trying to play him, as the AC in the bathroom was set to maximum, and he kept shivering from the cold.

Just like that, Chu Yuhe spent three days and nights in the toilet with ache, itch, dehydrated, hungry, disgusted.

They were the worst three days of his life.

When the door has finally opened, he looked like he was on death’s doorstep.

Members of Yunhai Entertainment’s staff caught onto the news and rushed to the scene, along with the company’s reporters.

Every one of them wanted to get the fresh news.

Yi Xiao looked at Chu Yuhe and asked in awe, “Oh my god, Mr. Chu. Didn’t I warn you that we needed maintenance done on this toilet? Did you not leave?”

“…” Chu Yuhe couldn’t even scream.

If not for his stomach, he would never have gotten locked in the bathroom.

Yi Xiao laughed in his heart as he held in the truth.

Who told you to hurt our CEO’s most precious girl?

While Chu Yuhe was stuck in the toilet, Huo Yunshen had already made a few preparations. In just a few days, Juxing Entertainment would definitely suffer a huge loss.

Xiao Yuqian had ordered Wan Dou and two other assistants to escort Xu Xiyan in and out every day before the press release.

Going to work by van made Xu Xiyan’s life easier. She could arrive at the studio early and the reporters waiting for her were all stopped by Wan Dou and company

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