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Huang Guoqiang was suddenly pulled from his sweet dream and almost fell from the chair. “What is it?” he scolded.

Damn, I was about to kiss her in my dream…

Huang Guoqiang raised his head and noticed it was Xu Xiyan. His expression softened and he asked, “Oh, it’s you, do you need something?”

“Not me,” Xu Xiyan smiled. “Mr. Xing here has something to discuss with you.”

“What Mr. Xing?” Huang Guoqiang asked, looking at the man standing behind Xu Xiyan.

“Nice to meet you, I’m the stage manager for the ‘Root of Evil’…”

Mr. Xing explained the whole thing to Huang Guoqiang and waited for his reply.

Huang Guoqiang held his chin, lost in thought. The only explanation he could find was that Peng Sicheng wanted Xu Xiyan’s talent for himself.

Technically, the contract that Xu Xiyan had signed did not bind her exclusively to the movie, and she had the right to accept another role as long as it did not affect her job.

But, it’s Peng Sicheng we’re talking about here!

He even hurt Qi Liya once!

How dare he come and ask for people from my movie?

“I can understand what your director wants,” Huang Guoqiang said, trying to prevent Peng Sicheng from taking his actress. “But Jing Xi might not have the time.”

Yet Xu Xiyan had no idea that Huang Guoqiang had a past with Peng Sicheng. She only wanted to help out as much as possible.

“But I don’t have that many scenes left,” Xu Xiyan said. “I could do it as long as the time doesn’t clash, right?”

Huang Guoqiang stared at Xu Xiyan, unable to work out if she was plain stupid or too nice to others.

Huang Guoqiang understood that being a stunt double didn’t pay much, and it came with huge risk. He would be doing Xu Xiyan a favor by declining it for her.

“Please, we really need her help!” Mr. Xing begged.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Huang Guoqiang asked Xu Xiyan.

“It’s not a question of whether I want to do it or not,” Xu Xiyan said, scratching her head. “But they need my help, and it’s within my capabilities, so why not? Think about it, if one day you needed the help from another set, what would you do?”

Mr. Xing was really touched by Xu Xiyan’s words and was determined to tell Peng Sicheng about it.

Just from her willingness to help, she deserves a pay equal to Huang Yanran’s.

Huang Guoqiang couldn’t help but give in. The young lady in front of him was kinder than a fully grown man, and he had nothing to disapprove of.

She’s right. Who’s to say that everything will go smoothly on my end?

Maybe we will also need their help one day.

“Fine, go. Try to adjust their timetable with ours,” Huang Guoqiang said. “As long as you don’t impact our progress, you’re free to do anything you want.”

Just as Xu Xiyan and Mr. Xing were about to leave, Huang Guoqiang made a small request from Mr. Xing.

“Mr. Xing, lending you my actress is one thing, but don’t you dare let her suffer any injuries, you hear me?”

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