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The video stopped there, its duration ten minutes plus. But it was a complete record of what had happened that day.

This video was the only comprehensive evidence that Chu Yuhe had purposefully caused Xu Xiyan’s injury on set.

After watching the video, Huo Yunshen fumingly slammed his fist on the table.

Outrageous! Chu Yuhe is the one that is creating trouble for Xu Xiyan.

Who is he to do that?

Huo Yunshen wondered if his helping Xu Xiyan punish Xu Xinrou caused Chu Yuhe to take revenge on behalf of his girlfriend.

This Chu Yuhe is getting more and more ridiculous.

Huo Yunshen picked up his phone right by his side and contacted Yi Xiao.

“Add in narration, and publish it at 12 AM on Weibo’s popup. I want the video to be trending for a month. No one is to withdraw it without my orders.”

That was Huo Yunshen’s ability. So long as he stepped in, the truth would be exposed and justice would be returned to the victims.

We shall see who still dares try to ruin the entertainment industry under my nose…

Overnight, a wind blew over the entertainment industry.

As the clock struck 12 AM, every user logged into Weibo received a popup advertisement on their website, titled: [The Truth of The Ma Haodong Scandal].

When clicked on, the compressed and processed 5-minute video would auto-play, providing viewers with a complete understanding of the way the entire matter had progressed.

Due to the popup window design being so attractive, everyone couldn’t help but click on it to see what the truth of the Ma Haodong scandal was.

This video, accompanied by narration, described the process of the entire matter objectively. Every netizen that viewed it could clearly see that prior claims about Ma Haodong carrying Xu Xiyan had in fact been just a malicious scandal.

Many netizens realized that it seemed they had wronged the newcomer, Jing Xi.

She’d been kicked off the pavilion time and time again, yet she dealt with the pain and stood up again and again to continue shooting.

Until the last time, when stress shock was triggered and she fainted.

The question was…why would a newcomer with such a dedicated spirit of professionalism have been attacked by netizens and fans of Ma Haodong?

Why was her image smeared to that extent?

Observant netizens would discover that the investor sitting next to the director, Chu Yuhe, was interfering with the directing.

It was his discontent, various excuses to continue the shoot, and his continued requests to start over that had led to Xu Xiyan’s fainting.

Ma Haodong had rushed onto the set to rescue a damsel in distress, and to reprimand the director for disregarding the lives of others.

Netizens saw something called ‘loyalty’ within Ma Haodong, and not a public display of affection for the newcomer.

Chu Yuhe had triggered the whole matter, and without him the following series of events would not have happened.

Because the video rev

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