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Especially for an independent lady like Qi Liya; it might’ve been even less likely that she would be willing to…

Xu Xiyan had a smooth morning shoot, and thought of Ma Haodong while she was shooting. During intermission, she gave Ma Haodong a call, but his mobile was unreachable.

Xu Xiyan guessed that he might still be drunk and asleep.

Forget it, let him sleep till he wakes up.

In the apartment, the breeze moved the white gauze curtains, and the warm sun came in and lit up the white cashmere carpet on the floor.

There was a white calla lily in a glass vase on the table.

The man on the bed was in deep sleep, lying prone on the side of the bed. A section of his hairy calves peeked out of the quilt, with his feet pointing up.

The man turned over a little, and Plop! He fell onto the carpet, and was thrown awake.

Ma Haodong opened his sleepy eyes, having hit his aching hangover forehead. He casually looked down at his own naked body.


Ma Haodong jumped up as if he’d seen a ghost, and subconsciously grabbed onto a pillow to cover his body.

He tried to recall what had happened the previous night. He’d seen Xiao Yuqian at the Red Palace restaurant, Xiao Yuqian left, and then he got drunk.

After that…Could he have been picked up after he was wasted drunk, and then…

At the thought of this, Ma Haodong instinctively tightened his rectum. Great, there’s no discomfort there. At least it eliminated the possibility of him having been molested.

Thank goodness, Ma Haodong felt relieved. He hugged onto the pillow and walked out of the bedroom. He looked around at the environment as he walked out.

The well-designed house was kept tidy and clean, yet felt cozy.


Isn’t this the apartment Xiao Yuqian lived in six years ago?

Why am I here?

Am I dreaming?

He had not been here ever since Xiao Yuqian left six years ago.

Ma Haodong had drank too much last night, and it was Yi Xiao and Wan Dou who had carried him from the restaurant to the car. They asked him for his address and he mumbled the address of the apartment where Xiao Yuqian had lived.

Therefore, the two of them sent him here, knocked on the door, and handed the drunk Ma Haodong to Xiao Yuqian.

Of course, Ma Haodong had no idea how he’d appeared in Xiao Yuqian’s apartment. He had a sense of disbelief as he walked around and saw no one.

He only saw his mobile phone and wallet on the table near the door. Besides these two items, he saw a photo frame.

Ma Haodong took up the frame to look at it and was shocked. It was a solo portrait photo of Xiao Yuqian.

Was he really at the apartment of Xiao Yuqian!?

Ma Haodong felt incredible. He was about to call Jing Xi with his mobile phone and ask her what happened. Unfortunately, his mobile phone was out of power.

It just so happened that the counter had a charging cable right there, so Ma Haodong plugged his phone in to charge. Then he went to the

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