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Upon seeing Yi Xiao, Xu Xiyan guessed that Huo Yunshen would probably come too. Without thinking, she lay down on the floor and started moaning in pain.

Wan Dou: “…”

She was confused as to what had happened to the powerful and energetic Lady Boss.

Why did she suddenly lie on the floor and mimic Lin Daiyu1?

Unsurprisingly, a wheelchair came through the door, and the man in the wheelchair had a stern face and a look of repressed anger.

His eyes shot sharp cold glances, like a sword piercing the skin of others.

Huo Yunshen wheeled his wheelchair in, sweeping his gaze across the messy private room. He caught sight of the woman lying down on the floor. His pupils dilated slightly and his brow furrowed. He rushed over.

“Jing Xi! Jing Xi…”

He couldn’t hide his anxiety or worry, and reached out his hands to grab hold of Xu Xiyan’s wrist, wanting to help her up.

How could Xu Xiyan give up on the opportunity to test Prince Charming’s heart!

She took advantage of the situation, lay on his knees and cried, “Mr. Huo, is it really you? Mr. Huo, you are finally here. I was being bullied!” She sobbed.

“Was it them?”

Huo Yunshen glanced at the group of men that crouching on the floor, obviously in pain.

Xu Xiyan answered with all seriousness, “Yes! If it wasn’t for Wan Dou who subdued these people, I might have lost my life.”

Wan Dou: “…”

Lady Boss, is it really good to be so humble?

I really didn’t do anything…

You are the one that subdued all these people.

“Did you get hurt? Is it painful?”

Seeing Xu Xiyan’s aggrieved little face and lingering tears, Huo Yunshen felt a wrenching heartache.

He felt that it was all his fault for being late, and not being able to protect his woman at the first moment of the incident.

“It hurts! It hurts… here! Here…and here…it all hurts!”

Xu Xiyan pointed at multiple areas on her body, moaning aggrievedly.

In reality, if she had been seriously injured, she would not have told Huo Yunshen because she did not want to cause him any trouble.

Someone had touched his darling, and Huo Yunshen was very angry. He was furious. He immediately ordered Yi Xiao to have these people arrested.

Huo Yunshen pointed at Miss Song who had collapsed, and was now sitting on the floor.

“Is she the one who brought them here to seek trouble?”

Wan Dou felt confident and proud upon seeing the Boss, so she explained the situation quickly. “Mr. Huo, it’s her! She slapped Jing Xi. Not only that, she also spoke insolently about Jing Xi. She said a lot of nasty words to insult her!”

“Oh! Really?” Huo Yunshen sneered. “Who has such guts?”

At this time, as though he had a computer software installed, Yi Xiao recited Miss Song’s background.

“Ma Haodong’s manager, Song Xiangping, worked as manager for 5 years. Her parents are working class. Has an 80-year-old grandfather and a younger brother in middle school. Her boyfriend is a cameraman at Huayi

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