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Chapter 739: Something She Can Use Against Her

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Xu Xinrou wondered how Huo Yunshen would feel if he knew Jing Xi was cheating on him in Fstan.

Xu Xinrou could not help but imagine how Huo Yunshen would abandon her when he learned about it.

Xu Xinrou quietly closed her door. She decided to expose Jing Xi during LK’s celebration dinner.

Before she proceeded with any of her plans, she sent the photos and videos over to Mo Yutian who was in Zstan.

She hoped that Mo Yutian would forget about Xu Xiyan after seeing all that proof and fall for her.

Xu Xinrou opened the door again and noticed Xu Xiyan left her room in a male disguise.

With how experienced Xu Xinrou was at trailing someone, she covered her face with a scarf and followed her.

Xu Xinrou followed Xu Xiyan to a six-star hotel where Jing Xi went in with a man.

Xu Xinrou laughed as she finally found something that could be used against Jing Xi.

Xu Xinrou followed them up and saw them go into room BV5288 before leaving the hotel. She went back to Wenli and asked her to inform the media about it.

Not long after Xu Xinrou left the hotel, Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen checked out of their room.

After making sure that no one was following them, Huo Yunshen took Xu Xiyan to the presidential suite

As they had each other in their arms, their body temperature rose.

“Where’s Ying Bao?” Xu Xiyan asked.

“Yi Xiao is playing with her.”

It was natural that Huo Yunshen would take care of Ying Bao first before he could have fun with his wife without any worries.

“My pretty wife, you’re not allowed to think of things other than me in this room!” Huo Yunshen ordered.

Even if Xu Xiyan wanted to discuss other things, her heart collapsed under the intense warmth from the man.

Huo Yunshen did not waste a second to drown in his wife’s body.

They spent the whole afternoon together, not knowing what was happening in the outside world.

Wenli barged into Room V5288 with a bunch of reporters, not knowing that the people staying in it weren’t Huo Yunshen and Xu Xiyan anymore.

When the door busted open, a man and woman were having fun in the bed.

The first thing the reporters did was to take photos at them at all angles.

Because of the sudden intrusion, the two people screamed in fear.

Xu Xinrou hid in a corner waiting for something good to happen. She clapped happily when she heard the scream.

She finally was able to expose Jing Xi naked with another man.

Wenli blended herself into the reporters to witness everything first hand.

The scene was really disgusting, but the only thing that she did not expect was that the people on the bed weren’t Xu Xiyan nor Huo Yunshen, and were instead a middle-aged woman and an old man.

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